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Founders of the Wałbrzych-based Dose of Energy Dance Theater Group and the characters from Justyna Pobiedzińska’s article “A Double Dose Of Energy” answer questions prepared by students of the Polish School of Reportage.

Name, age:
Wanda Radłowska, 60.
Magdalena Radłowska, 30.

Place of birth:
WR: Duszniki Zdrój.
MR: Jawor.

My place today:
WR: I’d like it to be Wałbrzych, but I don’t know if I’ll stay here.
MR: I’m still looking for it.

I am…
WR: Myself.
MR: A creator.

I do/make…
WR: What I like. As a kid I used to dream about dancing, but as I grew up I put those dreams aside. Now I rediscovered it anew and it became my greatest passion.
MR: Something new for myself and others. I’m very happy I found my passion.

I was…
WR: A sad workaholic. I only saw the material side of life, I didn’t look for happiness. Now I take pleasure in doing something for other people and fulfilling my dreams at the same time.
MR: Unhappy until I found a way to express myself.

I will be…
WR: Even more open and even crazier. I feel like I’m just getting warmed up. I want to learn to dance better and be more open to movement. And to do more things with people around me.
MR: Creating, traveling, performing. With our group, on my own, with the theater, with mom. I will create movement and I myself will be pliable.

Culture is…
WR: Passion. Creating something you love.
MR: A common good.

Poland is…
WR: A strange country. I like feeling Polish, but when I visit London I see how we Poles lack in spontaneity, we should laugh more often.
MR: Rife with hidden possibilities.

Europe is…
WR: A window on the world. I go someplace and see that you can live your life differently.
MR: Even more possibilities.

My environment starts...
WR: Outside of my apartment block, it’s dirty and trash is everywhere. But walk a little bit further and it’s pretty. There’s mountains and a bus stop where I start my road to meetings.
MR: I walk out of my apartment block and see that the whole world is my environment.

My environment ends…
WR: It doesn’t, actually. My world has no boundaries.
MR: It can’t end because it doesn’t really have a beginning.

What I do is important because…
WR: It makes me and others happy. I feel needed.
MR: It makes me feel free, independent and strong. When I dance, I feel that my imagination is limitless. I hope that I give my audience a glimpse into my imagined world.

A movie that has recently impacted me very profoundly was...
WR: The “Dancers” TV series. It’s not that I like how they dance, I just admire how the characters fight for themselves and their passions.
MR: “Milk of Sorrow,” a Peruvian minimalist flick. Minimalism is very powerful. Less is more.

A book that has recently impacted me profoundly was...
WR: I love Paulo Coelho, every one of his books is very important to me. And recently my daughter has introduced me to Murakami. I started with “A Wild Sheep Chase.” Later I read “Dance, Dance, Dance” and many others.
MR: Shaun Tan’s graphic novel “The Arrival.” I’d like to enter its amazing world and dance there. I found lots of inspiration for my work in that comic book.

My biggest influence was...
WR: The fact that my daughter embraced her passions. By coincidence and unintentionally she made my greatest wish come true. She gave me courage and I followed in her footsteps. She taught me a philosophy of life that was completely new to me. I started discovering myself. My dreams of dancing and helping people are now a reality. London has also made a great impression on me. There I realized that age is not a hurdle you have to clear when chasing your dreams.
MR: Working with my teacher and choreographer, Paweł Matyasik. I had classes with him basically every day and every day I impatiently waited for them to start. Paweł was able to tap our unconscious to make us move in ways we would never expect of ourselves. I was working with him for five years, it was a real honor.

This year I’d like to...
WR: Get my own apartment, where I could engage in unbridled acts of creation.
MR: Determine where I want to live; find my place, wherever that may be – in Wałbrzych, London or wherever. To perform as much as I can with Dose of Energy and LML, my theater from London. I’d also like to find someone who will continue our work and broadcast our ideas to the world.

In five years I’d like to…
WR: Be the same I am today.
MR: Create in that place I haven’t found yet. I’d like to dance there, dance with others.

Translated by Jan Szelągiewicz

This questionnaire is a supplement to “A Double Dose of Energy”, an article written by Justyna Pobiedzińska as part of a series of reportages on grassroots cultural/social initiatives in various Polish cities. They were created especially for ECC by students of the Polish School of Reportage established at the Institute of Reportage in Warsaw.

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