congress / reading room

DJ is the message

Igor Boxx

If we treat DJ as a medium, whose modus operandi and influence carries some sort of information on modern Culture, we’ll find that they constitute an accurate reflection of the topics that will be discussed during the European Culture Congress.

It’s a medium through which we select products from the cultural overabundance. What the average consumer considers a “curse of excess,” the DJ considers a boon. The modern DJ is a musical erudite, who draws on the entire history of recorded sound, transforming and mixing pieces of music created over the course of decades.

This fierce musical intertextualism touches upon the issue of copyrights and enabling people to freely manipulate musical material. Processing and mixing of old and new music is a great manifestation of the “recycling culture” and “remix culture” terms (the latter of which, as it turns out, was taken from DJ/music producer lingo).

Processing and transforming existing sounds would not be possible without the use of modern digital technologies. The modern DJ is an advanced participant in “culture 2.0,” a master of digital sound processing.

The basic criterion for choosing artists who would play in the Festival Club was their stance on the aforementioned issues and incorporation of multiple styles into their repertoire. We will hear a true mixture of hip-hop, dubstep, funk, rock, metal, electronica, and soul. During their sets, DJs will hook up traditional turntables to computers and other electronic equipment. All invited musicians compose and produce their own music, and they also create various remixes and mashups.

One additional criterion was the ability to set a good mood on the dancefloor and get a real club party started, while keeping a high artistic standard. The Congress DJs are able to do that! See you on the dancefloor.