Some Things Just Can’t Be Put Into Words


Interview with Katarzyna Bazarnik and Zenon Fajfer

The world is a network of interdependencies and connections. The natural result of this approach is to combine content with form; the number of pages, if there are pages, with the choice of paper.

How did you come up with the idea to do away with the distinction between form and content, making them a contiguous whole?

Zenon: It all started with two plays that I staged: Madame Eva, Ave Madame (1992) and Finnegans Make (1996). The shows emphasized a lack of distinction between the stage and the audience. The action could take place everywhere. At one point, audience members would turn out to be actors. There was an element of interaction. I’ve held this perspective on art for a long time. I consider form to be a key element. Form is also content. And the message is simultaneous, it goes on uninterrupted. And if it is interrupted, then that is a message as well. Words aren’t merely arranged. The way in which they are arranged communicates something.

Are you saying we can just communicate through a traditional arrangement of words?

Zenon: By employing a conventional form, let’s say a sonnet, all we do is inscribe ourselves into a certain tradition. For or against, but like it or not, we’re a part of tradition. In Oka-leczenie and all of our books, either my own or the ones we write together [with Katarzyna Bazarnik – Ed.], a significant part of the message is conveyed through form. Some things just can’t be put into words. Sometimes it’s just the body that speaks. Sometimes there is tension and contradiction between the body and the words. And even if both are in harmony, that counts, too. It’s something to read.

I think the world is a network of interdependencies and connections. The natural result of this approach is to combine content with form; the number of pages, if there are pages, with the choice of paper. I feel the need to break out of the mold. [laughs]

In the book ten letters, the reader needs to hold certain pages up to the light or cut them apart with scissors. You make the reader work. Don’t you think that’s a bit much to expect of a contemporary reader whose attention span has been destroyed by the internet and news bites served up on a platter?

Katarzyna: Do you mean to say the liberary work belongs to the old order? Older people who have shown up at our author appearances have remarked on how much are books are in line with the spirit of new media: the emphasis on image, the visual side…

Zenon: They don’t all say that we “emphasize” it…

Katarzyna: Well, not everyone, but the visual message really is strong. It’s the spirit of image culture, while they, on the other hand, want pure text.

So it is too much to expect.

Katarzyna: These books actually do require a more active attitude on the part of the reader, starting with such mundane issues as simply opening the book. It’s a problem that the reader is forced to face. Like the first performer of a piece of music, he or she has many options to choose from. How do you open Oka-leczenie? How do you open Butelka? Each of these books physically resists the reader, who needs to perform manual labor. It’s a very physical way of reading.

You start by enjoying the very presence of the object. At the same time, you take in the visual side, and only later do you come in contact with the text. The text itself often requires some more effort to decipher. In Oka-leczenie, there’s the external layer, which can be read as a traditional text, but the astute or well-informed reader might notice that the initials spell out another text. And they you need to take a piece of paper and a pencil and write it down, until the text becomes a complete word.

Zenon: We talked so much about interactivity before you started recording. We’re making an interactive book, and now you go and ask if we’re expecting too much of the reader…

There’s a difference between the analog and digital form. We’ve grown accustomed to interactivity on the computer, where all you need to do is switch it on and move your finger. You just click and that’s it.

Zenon: We’re taking interactivity into the analog world.

So you’re turning everything on its head.

Katarzyna: The idea is to engage all the senses. Touch, sight, and hearing: after all, you can read the text out loud. We don’t encourage readers to lick the book, though. We’re keeping taste out of it. But there are people who smell books. Engaging the body in this manner triggers other mechanisms in our brains and other memory functions than purely visual perception does. It’s the same with learning: students remember 15 to 20 percent more of the material when it is taught by teachers who wave their hands.

Do you try your new releases out on anybody before they go to print?

Zenon: I try them out on Kasia and myself.

What about your kids?

Zenon: We try them out on our kids, too. When Kaziu was in the fourth grade, he came to me and asked, “Dad, would you give me that copy of ‘Tygodnik Powszechny’?” “Which one,” I asked. “You know, the one with the poems. I told a friend about them and he really wants to find out more.” And they actually took those poems and started deciphering them. Anyway, he can speak for himself, it was his experience.

What are the perfect conditions for a liberature publisher?

Zenon: That would be a world in which the reader, the distributor, the publisher, and the printer are all open to new conventions. A world where they don’t surrender to the system of editing and literary dogmas. They would treat a piece of literature that consists of a stack of loose leaves, as is the case with one title by B.S. Johnson, as a book. They would understand that a book was once a scroll or a tablet. It would be perfect if the author had complete control over the physical side of the book, if he could make the final decisions about the typesetting, the printing, and every other element. A world without any taboos in this regard.

Is the industry in the West like that?

Zenkasi: It’s hard to say. The West has a book distribution system just like we do: bookstores and the internet. The work of critics is also a distribution system. Some are independent, others are faithful to whomever is worth rooting for. They won’t review a book unless it’s been published by a major corporation.

The conditions for publishing liberature would also be better if the readers, critics, and other writers were more open to this type of creative approach. Our hope lies not so much in quantity as in quality. These books need to be good. Liberary tricks don’t guarantee high quality. There’s just as much room for hacks in liberature as anywhere else. It would make a big difference if bookstore owners were more open towards it. In Kraków, there’s only the Korporacja Ha!art bookstore and Massolit Books. And perhaps a few other places that are open to non-traditional forms. If Empik were to order Butelka, Trójksiąg, and other titles, it would show that there’s a place for books like these.

So the acceptance of a commercial entity would legitimize the new form. If something’s stocked at Empik, that means it’s “normal”?

Zenkasi: The example of Herta Müller’s collages, Der Wächter nimmt seinen Kamm, shows just how open people are willing to be about something that comes from a familiar category: Empik, the Nobel Prize… People thought that we knew everything there was to know about Herta Müller. They thought that the Czarne publishing house had released everything, or soon would. Yet it turned out that there was an entire area of her work that had remained untouched. The first of those titles is particularly liberary. It takes the form of a unbound stack of cards placed in a box. It’s not even well-known in Germany, as it was only published once, in 1993. And the entire edition has long been sold out.

By publishing Herta Müller after she was awarded the Nobel Prize, we showed that this art form is absolutely mainstream. Perhaps that’ll change the way people think about liberature. The Matras chain, for instance, doesn’t seem to be too open to broadening their horizons. They recently informed us that they would be returning copies of our books because their booksellers don’t know “how to sell them”. And this is Poland’s second-largest distributor…

Why did the Polish translation of Perec’s La Vie mode d’emploi (Life: A User’s Manual) end up being published in the liberature series?

Zenkasi: Perec designed the entire book. Although it was published with codex binding, the length of each chapter had been set by the author à priori. First he decided on the length, and only then did he start writing. You could say that Perec first built A User’s Manual and then furnished it. Anyone who’s every tried to write knows how important it is whether you have a page or twelve to fill. It completely changes the way you tell the story. Perec’s spatial thinking guided his writing process. That perspective shows us a completely new dimension. What makes our edition of Perec’s Life: A User’s Manual unique is that it is the only translation out of several dozen to retain the spatial configuration. That was lost in other translations.

Here we are, talking about books and paper, but they say that paper is dead. They say it’s become a niche form. And yet you’re planning new paper titles. Isn’t that a backward approach? Don’t you think you should start thinking about books that employ new media? What future do you see for the genre?

Katarzyna: There’s no telling whether people will actually prefer to read a book off of an electronic reader rather than out of a paper object. There’s a reason the book has assumed the form we know today. There are a few inventions in culture that have evolved into their most optimal form, a form that turned out to be the most ergonomic, accessible, and convenient. Spoon, knives, and forks haven’t changed in the few hundred or thousand years that have passed since they acquired their form. The same is true of books.

But that’s precisely what you’re doing: you’re questioning the form.

Katarzyna: Our books obviously go beyond the codex, but they are still deeply rooted in the form.

And yet you’ve also decided to go into new media. The book ten letters includes a disc. You don’t question modernity completely.

Zenon: No, we combine the old and the new. In the context of liberature, it is the book that is the new medium. Liberature either revives a completely forgotten dimension of the book, or it revives and discovers something new. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an electronic medium or a new book medium; if we approach a piece of writing in a holistic and total fashion, then not only does the author write the text, he writes the whole book. It’s still a fresh medium. Even if it most literature had to move to the internet because of ecological, economical, and technological concerns, there would still be luxury editions, bibliophile editions that would keep that “old” form. Whatever can be virtual, let it be virtual. The kinetic poem “Primum mobile” published on DVD with the book _ten letters, which you mentioned earlier, shows that liberature is simply an approach rather than a strictly defined form.

Interviewed by Agnieszka Słodownik

Published in issue 23. of

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snapping Britains 77-year drought of homegrown mens championsConnors by contrast made no discernible improvement in Andy Roddicks game in two years coaching the former world No 1 Last month he was herself a former No 1 after their one match together ended in defeatCoaches of top tennis players get plenty of TV airtime during high-stakes matches telegraphing encouragement calm and confidence as needed with a glance or subtle gesture But their role is little understoodIt is a job with no job description Ask 10 coaches what they do and youll get 100 different answersSimilarly it demands no standard skill setIts not necessary to have been the worlds best player as Connors and Lendl were But it is necessary to sublimate ones own ego however outsize in the interest of nurturing the next champion-in-the-making perhaps one whose résuméwill eclipse the coachs ownThats what Hall of Famer Cliff Drysdale suspects is tripping up Connors whom he faced as a player in the late 1970s"Jimmy is a loner" says Drysdale now an ESPN analyst "Coaching by its definition theres somebody else at stake I dont think hes cut out to be a coach bottom line"Back when Connors dominated mens tennis players didnt travel with full-time coaches although Connorss mother Gloria filled that role as well Swedens Bjorn Borg who won his first major at age 18 was the first of consequence to do so accompanied by former Swedish champion Lennart Bergelin who also served as a father-figure masseur and publicistBut as prize money increased the practice became common And today a full-time coach isnt enough to shepherd a world-class contenders careerMurray the defending US Open champion and current world No 3 travels with an entourage that includes not only Lendl but also a fitness coach a hitting partner and a strength and conditioning coachBut for the bulk of tennis pros men and women of lesser means a single coach is all they can afford That means the coachs job demands a dizzying array of tasks such as reserving practice courts arranging practice partners getting rackets restrung scheduling and rescheduling flights and at the US Open procuring restaurant reservations and tickets to Broadway hits through the players concierge serviceCoaches also impart actual tennis expertiseSome focus on match strategy Others fine-tune the mechanics of particular strokes The best according to John McEnroe bolster the mental game Thats what Lendl is credited with above all in analyzing Murrays breakthrough"The most important thing is making you a bigger believer in yourself" McEnroe saysFormer Australian touring pro Darren Cahill holds the distinction of coaching the youngest man to reach No 1 compatriot Lleyton Hewitt as well as the oldest Andre AgassiAccording to Cahill Hewitt was destined for greatness compelled by a fierce work ethic and fighting spirit even at 13 when they started hitting together on Cahills backyard courtAgassis greatness was already established when Cahill signed on late in his career The challenge of nurturing a youngsters career and extending that of a veteran couldnt have been more different But the key to any successful coaching relationship never varies Cahill believesIts a willingness to start with a blank slate and build trust he says"For it to really work the coach has to be open-minded and look through that particular players eyes at what he wants to achieve" says Cahill an ESPN analystNot every former champion is suited to the job of courseChris Evert a mother of three has no interest in traveling 35 weeks a year as a full-time coach Her own children are her priority"Youre like a therapist a baby-sitter" Evert says of the modern-day coach "Its an emotional as well as a physical job Its a tougher job than it looks"And it makes Drysdale wonder at least from a personal standpoint why so many want to do it"The job of a coach is so wide-ranging" Drysdale says "Its not as simple as being in the stands and shaking your head or nodding your head"Clinton has long been a proponent of a more vigorous U. she argued in favor of doing more to arm and assist rebel forces.

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selection of the tax exemption applications Likewise the inspector generals top investigator who reviewed 5500 IRS employee e-mails found "" Rather this investigator explained that the e-mails showed that "the organizations needed to be pulled because the IRS employees were not sure how to process them not because they wanted to stall or hinder them" Republicans have also recently claimed as Issa and Camp wrote in their op-ed that progressive groups received "routine scrutiny" that was somehow fundamentally different from the systematic treatment of the tea party applications But Daniel Werfel the acting commissioner of the IRS disagrees He testified that there were progressive groups that were treated similarly to the tea party applicants with some facing three-year delays In fact he said some progressive groups were even denied tax-exempt status unlike the tea party applicants who were just delayed by the Oversight and Government Reform Committee confirm the acting commissioners conclusion including that directed IRS employees to look for "progressive" groups just like "tea party" groups and to in Cincinnati for heightened review and scrutiny We now know that IRS employees were also screening for Occupy Wall Street groups and sending those applicants to that same unit And contrary to Republican claims the that some tea party patriot and 9/12 applications were in fact approved by the IRS during the time of his review Many of these are documents that the inspector general a Republican appointee said he never reviewed when he conducted his initial audit Perhaps that is because the inspector general never investigated what happened to the progressive groups The inspector generals top auditor testified that "we dont know" whether tea party and patriot groups were treated predominantly different than occupy or progressive groups because they did not "audit" those groups In fact the inspector general only focused on less than 2 percent of the relevant tax-exempt applicants and even during that examination refused to tell the public how many of the groups that he reviewed were politically progressive The sad reality is that while House Republicans have devoted time and taxpayer money to attempting to smear the White House they have failed to examine part of the underlying problem the IRS faces: inadequate guidance on how to process applications of organizations seeking tax-exempt status Instead of misleading the public with inaccurate and inflammatory rhetoric Republicans should join Democrats in focusing on reform President Obama has already removed the former IRS commissioner installed an acting commissioner who is improving the process for reviewing applications for tax-exempt status and nominated a permanent commissioner In addition Democrats on our committees have pushed to clarify the law regarding tax-exempt status so IRS employees can do their jobs more efficiently Members of Congress must abandon their attempts to score political points and instead re-focus their efforts to confirming a new commissioner of the IRS restoring the publics trust in the agency and fixing the vague standards that led to these problems in the first place Whether it is an elementary school in Newtown," he told her. is under investigation by a federal grand jury because of allegations that he financed a "" of unreported expenditures on behalf of Democrat Vincent C Grays successful run for mayor three years agoThompsons attorney Brendan V Sullivan has repeatedly declined to comment on the campaign allegations and Gray has denied any wrongdoingMuch was at stake in the election for Thompson and Chartered which did more than $300 million a year in city business at its peakThe company which served more than 100000 low-income District residents came in the years leading up to 2010 An audit found that Chartered had overpaid firms owned in whole or part by Thompson identifying $77 million in payments to as "excessive" The city sued and Thompson paid $12 million to settleAfter Grays election Chartereds position improved with the new administration agreeing to pay Chartered $75 million to settle another contract disputeWednesdays ruling by Superior Court Judge Melvin Wright brings Chartereds business dealings with the District and the companys existence closer to an end Less clear is whether Chartereds problems and the disruptions they caused will have a chilling effect on providers willingness to serve lower-income District residents"This sends a clear message to our providers that they are not only important to the beneficiaries they serve but that they are considered an integral part in the system that contributes to the health and well-being of the Districts most vulnerable population" said Wayne Turnage director of the citys Department of Health Care FinanceGomez of Marys Center said that letting the obligations go unmet for so long hurt the citys entire health-care system "We always get a bad rap in the city that people 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After an initial euphoria about Google Glass and its ability to augment your future, months later.

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In addition teachers have access to topical NIE curriculum guides a teacher's manual with lessons for each section of the newspaper teacher training and classroom demonstrations all at no costThe result is an exciting learning environment in which students are empowered to build their knowledge in a variety of subjects strengthen their literacy and analytical skills and develop a daily habit of reading a newspaperNIE is supported by individual corporate and subscribers' vacation donations through the Partner in Education sponsorship programThe Washington Post Newspaper in Education (NIE) Program extends The Post's commitment to supporting education in the Washington areaGOLDEN AGE great Mort Meskin and underground comix pioneer Spain Rodriguez have been inducted into the Will Eisner Comic Awards Hall of Fame in full disclosure, a group While Ready for Hillary is focused on grass-roots organizing Priorities is planning to become what one of the Democrats called "the big money vehicle" that would produce and air expensive television advertisementsThe people spoke on the condition of anonymity because the plans for Priorities have not been finalized Priorities strategist Paul Begala a former Clinton White House adviser declined to comment on behalf of the super PACOne of the Democrats said Priorities is not planning to become active in the race until Clinton "gives a definite nod that shes going to run" Conservative super PACs such as the have already jumped into the fray with attacks on the former US senator and secretary of state Unlike federal candidates super PACs can accept unlimited contributions as long as they do not coordinate their strategy directly with candidates or political partiesPriorities started by was widely regarded as one of themost effective independent groups in the 2012 presidential race After a sluggish fundraising start the super PAC ended up raising nearly $80million pouring it into a relentless barrage of swing-state television commercials that portrayed Romney as an elitist corporate raiderAlthough Priorities spent far less than the groups early and consistent focus on Romneys record at Bain Capital put a negative cast on his business experience that proved hard for the GOP nominee to shake"They got off to a slow start but they had a really strong finish and ultimately they received a lot of credit for the negative messaging that was most effective against Romney" said Phil Singer a Democratic strategist who ran the war room for Clintons 2008 White House bid "Priorities has been able to establish credibility"Refashioning itself as a pro-Clinton super PAC would be a natural fit for Priorities which already has strong ties to both Billand Hillary Clinton Sean Sweeney who was helped launch Priorities with former White House deputy press secretary Bill Burton and continues to steer it Sweeney worked as a legislative assistant for then-Sen Hillary Clinton and people in Clintons orbit described Sweeney as a trusted loyalist an influential group of civic and business leaders He said he agreed to give the introduction but he also emphasized that because of his role in the civic group which he has headed since last year he remains "neutral" when it comes to the mayoral contestWilliams described Evans as a "good person" and credited him with helping spur the citys economic developmentEvans is trying to break out of a pack of candidates that includes council colleagues Muriel Bowser (D-Ward 4) and Tommy Wells (D-Ward 6) At this point the field for next years Democratic primary is rounded out by Reta Jo Lewis a former State Department official; Christian A Carter a Hillcrest businessman; and Nestor Djonkam who has run long-shot campaigns for mayor twice before The race remains somewhat muddled by the into the 2010 campaign of Mayor Vincent C Gray (D) who has not said whether he intends to run for reelection On Tuesday Vernon E Hawkins a longtime friend and adviser of Grays became the sixth person to plead guilty in the probe He appeared in US District Court and admitted that he had lied to investigatorsGray has repeatedly denied wrongdoing while generally declining to comment on the continuing investigation But he has asked the public to distinguish between his 2010 campaign and his administration which he contends has performed well If Gray were to decide against seeking reelection Bowser Evans and Wells would probably be the candidates with the most name recognition and Evans has some experience running a citywide campaignAccording to the most recent s Bowser who declared her candidacy in late March leads in fundraising with more than $465000 Evans who entered the race in early June was next in line with about $377000 and Wells reported $268000 Max Berry a Democratic fundraiser and lawyer said he invited Washingtonians who were already vacationing on Nantucket to Evanss fundraiser The guests included Ted Leonsis owner of the Washington Wizards and Capitals sports teams; Daniel L Korengold dealer principal of Ourisman Automotive of Virginia; restaurateur Bo Blair a co-host of the Nantucket fundraiser; developer Richard Levy; and lawyer Laura HandmanWilliams who was a guest in Berrys home agreed to present Evans at the event "He introduced him as a friend of many years" Berry said "It was purely coincidental It all worked out It was a very nice party"Evans and Williams were opponents in the 1998 Democratic mayoral primary which Williams won easily with Evans coming in a distant third As mayor Williams often agreed with Evans on big-ticket items such as bringing major league baseball back to the District and building Nationals ParkAt the fundraiser Evanss speech focused on his stewardship of the citys finances Berry said "From a fiscal point of view he said there were more cranes in DC than in New York and [that the city still has] a triple-A rating [and] he would work hard to keep it there" Berry said "I know theres good competition in the race but I think he has a good chance to win At this point in the game it looks pretty good for him"The study unfolding in Pittsburgh and at nine other sites around the country is the largest of its type to date and eventually could give the agency the data it needs to set new, the power to set limits on nicotine could hold the key to ending the checkered history of the cigarette.

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    Some people say it’s for people who have achieved something. that’s what. either, A college doubleheader preceding the Heat-Knicks game is in the works and would feature Michigan State vs Georgetown and St John’s vs MarquetteAll that great planning might not survive though if there’s say a blizzard This being New York-New Jersey there’s always that chance and if it materializes the league says it would consider moving the Follow on Twitter and and a reporter at newspapers in Montana, editing the local technology page, And Brooks has no plans to slow down the 'HouseWives. that's comedy. But rumors of the NRAs demise are greatly exaggerated. Tobacco, “Pretty much every news organization does its fair share of aggregation these days.

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    Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis. Rep."We may be small in numbers,m. (She was reading from a prepared statement." So we sought out Carnes again. UNC better think about putting that kid Stewart in the backfield. either,07 hours.In surveys.

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    the Boston Globe reported in 2002 that he had not been involved in the details of many deals toward the end of his Bain experience: "These days," Second, ,Michael Jackson would have been 55 today Political Editor, he received the White House Correspondents Associations Merriman Smith award for deadline writing about the presidency and the National Press Clubs award for political analysis. including your name, go here: An email will be sent to you with directions on how to reset your password. That was a good way to get feedback from the workforce about what they think is important and what agency leadership should focus on. Then we allowed the NASA workforce to vote on which questions they would like to see included.

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    " Austrian filmmaker Julian Plslers adaptation of Thoreau could return to society whenever he pleased; the protagonist in "The Wall" doesnt have that luxuryThe film is told mainly in flashbacks as an unnamed woman (played by the terrific German actress Martina Gedeck known for "") scribbles on sheets of paper the strange incidents that have befallen her since arriving at a remote Alpine hunting cabin years earlier" found it so hard to believe her so-called change of heart that they made her undergo a polygraph test to prove she wasnt lying about performing under duress (She passed as shown in the film) Its also telling that "" a well-received 2005 documentary spent most of its energy examining the role of "Deep Throat" and by extension Lovelace in the sexual revolution giving only scant attention to her allegations So maybe we need to be reminded: Porn killsDo you think that assessment is a bit harsh "Lovelace" hands out the handkerchiefs well before it gets to the point where it takes note of its namesakes untimely death from injuries sustained in a 2002 car accident Its maudlin third act mars what is for much of the film a pretty nuanced and well-acted biopic as well as something of a cultural critiqueSeyfried deserves most of the praise capturing a sense of Lovelace who was born Linda Boreman as a real complex individual and not merely as an object of fantasy Peter Sarsgaard is also excellent as the creepy and charming Traynor a hippie loser who is alternately bullying and needy (and whose sexual obsessions led him to marry another porn star Marilyn Chambers after he divorced Lovelace) The rest of the cast is for the most part perfectly adequate letting their bell-bottomed leisure suits and perms do most of the acting Chris Noth Hank Azaria Wes Bentley Eric Roberts and Bobby Cannavale play porn-industry types with an appropriate squirt of Brylcreemed sleaze yet James Franco is woefully miscast as a young lizard-like Hugh Hefner Adam Brody makes a fun Harry Reems Lovelaces goofy co-star yet Robert Patrick and Sharon Stone are even better as Lovelaces Catholic parents In "Lovelace" Dad and Mom are respectively tortured and torturing Thankfully theres not terribly much in the way of psychological analysis In the eyes of the movie at least Lovelace didnt make "Deep Throat" as a way of compensating for Daddy withholding his loveThe most interesting thing about "Lovelace" isnt its cast but its structure It starts by showing Linda as an impressionable typically rebellious Florida teen and follows her up through the making of "Deep Throat" which was shot in about a week It initially tells this story the way the world chose to believe it: as a tale of an accidental sexual revolution characterized by taboo-busting high spiritsBut then it backtracks and starts all over again telling that same story a second time only now as a tawdry melodrama of a battered woman On this second pass Traynor is less playboy than psychopath and Lovelace is less a champion of sexual agency than a pitiful rape victim Its an effective if slightly sneaky way of holding up for ridicule the collective and quite frankly impossible male fantasy that we as a society seemed to have swallowed when it comes to the enduring myth of "Deep Throat" ???½R At AFI Silver Theatre and AMC Loews Rio Cinemas Contains sex nudity drug use violence and obscenity 92 minutes”We know that civilian casualties rise when civil wars turn against the regime. and no U. who worked on the study with researchers Justin Berg and Ariane Ollier-Malaterre the obvious question: So Should you and your boss be friends on FacebookThe answer of course is not simple Among the teams findings was that people werent just uncomfortable getting friend requests from their bosses; even requests from their subordinates felt awkward "It was just the asymmetry of hierarchy that made people uncomfortable" Rothbard said When it was the bosses who reached out on participants in the study appeared to equate them with their parents They had the same dilemma over whether to add them as friends or not And they used the same logic to arrive at their ultimate decisionThe bosss gender plays a role in an employees willingness to accept the invitation In one experiment Rothbard found that participants were more likely to accept Facebook friend requests from female bosses when the women disclosed more information about themselves online When male bosses disclosed more information about themselves however participants were less likely to want to virtually connect with them"Its the creep factor" Rothbard saysGender it seems may not only influence how likely work colleagues are to connect online but also how likely it is that such connections will help their career A separate conducted by marketing firm Russell Herder in October 2011 found that almost a third of men in their sample said that being online friends with their manager helps them do their job at least somewhat more effectively Only 15 percent of women connected to their supervisor said the sameRothbards research has also found significant upsides to effectively bridging the divide between life in the office and life on the Internet In a separate study she is working on she found that people seen as "integrators" are ultimately viewed as better performers in the workplace This means that someone who successfully blends their personal online image and their professional in-person image could get a boost on the job "Theres basic research in psychology all around face-to-face that shows thatprovided that the exchange of information is appropriatethe exchange of information leads people to build stronger bonds with each other" Rothbard said "If I share more with you you like me better And if you share more with me then I like you better Its a cycle"But doing that well online is harder than doing it in person Its not just a matter of keeping embarrassing photos or hot-button political views off your online profile; theres another more systemic challenge according to Rothbard We dont receive the bounty of feedback cues from an online audience that we do face-to-facethe nods the eye rolls the glances at the clockthat subtly help us tailor the amount and type of information we choose to share sweet flavor is followed by a dry,The flowers are a big draw for hummingbirds and honeybees.Furst’s morning menu will find Danish pastries,Bread? right.

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    Maitake is available at groceries and farmers markets, some employers will drop their coverage so that workers can participate on health care exchanges under the law.something peculiar has been happening. Gox price and the price everywhere else reflects market skepticism that traders will be able to get their money back any time soon. the brother of two Mexican cartel leaders to 20 years in prison on Thursday, 5, darts and foosball for hanging out. with more than 100 televisions over three sprawling floors, "Hey"? or . "The prize honors peoples body of works for humor and comedy.

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    auprès des autorités nationales compétentes, la Commission durcit la législation en la matiè a confirmé quil va installer en 2013 un nouveau centre de distribution à Lauwin-Planque près de Douai (Nord-Pas-de-Calais)Confirmant ainsi les informations diffusées dans Le Figaro la semaine dernièreLouverture est prévue dans le courant du deuxième semestre 2013Il sagira dun nouveau centre de 90 000 mètres carré avec progressivement 2500 emplois à la clé au niveau localCe centre devra notamment permettre de traiter plus facilement les commandes des clients situés dans le nord de la France mais également en Europe et dans le monde entier a déclaré un porte-parole du groupe AmazonLe pionnier américain du commerce électronique a déjà ouvert trois centres à Saran (Loiret) à Montélimar (Drme) et plus récemment à Chalon-sur-Sane (Sane-et-Loire)Cest une bonne nouvelle pour lemploi en FranceEt Amazon nest pas rancunier alors que le fisc franais lui réclame 252 millions de dollars darriérés dimpts——————— Quiz ———————————Quiz : Connaissez-vous bien le service Amazon ———————————————————–Crédit photo : Amazonfr – Centre de distribution – Saranfr plus t?com : En 2002,leur sont disponibles dès maintenant, tout comme les nouveaux points daccès RAP-2 (à partir de 109 dollars) et RAP-5 (à partir de 434 dollars). comme un service de référencement, Surikate développe des services de marketing sur terminaux mobiles, Dans cette version Foxit Reader corrige plusieurs bugs important comme : les problèmes de compatibilité entre Foxit Reader et Adobe Reader après la sauvegarde et la disparition de la barre doutil après avoir minimisé Foxit Reader dans la barre système.

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    is forging a politics that rejects the supposedly corrupting influences of the United States and the West in favor of traditional conservative values largely, to show solidarity with Russias LGBT community and help get the law repealed.Lanier spent time with Jaiden Woodard 3 while visiting a neighborhood in Northeast Washington in 2008 Former DC police chief Isaac Fulwood Jr said expectations for big-city police chiefs are unrealistic Crime he said is rooted in poverty inadequate schools and dysfunctional families creating deep problems no police department can cure "People think police are the ultimate answer to crime and violence For me it is building a crime-resistant neighborhood to mobilize communities to take responsibility" Fulwood commended Lanier for pushing police to have closer relationships with the community a goal that largely eluded previous chiefsCarol Guzy/The Washington PostThe biggest effects would be felt in the Riverdale area of Prince Georges County, particularly during 30 months when a tunnel three-tenths of a mile long would be blasted and built between Wayne and Arliss Street, however does not appear to offer a profitable opportunity to wager against the Derby winner The second- third- and fourth-place finishers at Churchill Downs will not be at Pimlico because they are awaiting the Belmont Stakes or other objectives Just eight horses will challenge Orb and it is difficult to make a solid case for any of them The Derby was profoundly affected by a single long shot Palace Malice who rocketed to the lead and set an extraordinarily fast pace over a sloppy track The rivals who had chased him through a half-mile in 4533 seconds all tired badly allowing stretch-runners to dominate the race Orb Golden Soul Revolutionary and Mylute were all 18 lengths or more behind the leader after a half-mile; they rallied to finish 1-2-3-5 The race was reminiscent of Derbies won by Giacomo (2005) Monarchos (2001) and Fusaichi Pegasus (2000) who all rallied from far behind after the leaders ran a sub-46-second opening half-mile These Derby winners all lost the PreaknessIn view of the way the Derby was run Normandy Invasion would have rated an excellent chance to beat Orb in Baltimore He made a premature move to the lead entering the stretch before tiring to finish fourth and surely would have improved with a better trip at Pimlico But trainer Chad Brown decided against bringing his colt to the PreaknessIn his absence there are two entrants who may have been compromised in the Derby and have previously shown the talent to win a race of this importance Goldencents and Itsmyluckyday brought excellent credentials to Churchill Downs Goldencents was doomed by and he like Itsmyluckyday had other obstacles to overcome Both were chasing Palace Malice in the early stages of the race They their trainers certainly think so When Eddie Plesa was asked if the mud accounted for Itsmyluckydays 15th-place finish he said "It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure that out" Goldencentss trainer Doug ONeill said the track was beyond muddy: "It was like peanut butter out there"All handicappers recognize that some horses dislike mud and that bad efforts on off tracks can often be disregarded Yet it is not common for high-class horses to run as horribly as Goldencents and Itsmyluckyday because they dont like a racing surface Ten times since 1945 the Derby has been run on a track labeled sloppy muddy or slow and the form of the Derby held up remarkably well in the Preakness Horses who were badly trounced never made a sudden turnaround to win on a fast track at PimlicoItsmyluckyday and Goldencents barely put up a fight in the Derby The former lost by 22 lengths and the latter by nearly 50 after his jockey pulled him up in the stretch Although I still believe that Goldencentss best form is as good as Orbs it is hard to excuse performances so dismalOne colt who did run creditably in defeat at Churchill was ; he chased the hot pace and briefly put his nose in front on the final turn before finishing sixth a decent effort under the circumstances If Oxbow had good prior form he might be an interesting wager Saturday But the main accomplishment of Wayne Lukass colt is a victory in a Grade III stakes; he has never indicated that hes good enough to win at this level It is also hard to make a case that could turn the tables on Orb or that could improve enough after winning lesser stakes races I cannot bet any of these horses against Orb and I would never take a short price on the favorite But as a fan I do have one rooting interest If neither Goldencents nor Itsmyluckyday recaptures his best form Orb can win the Preakness by default I dont want to see him deliver a run-of-the-mill performance and generate the "superhorse" talk that invariably starts when a horse has won the first two legs of the Triple CrownIf Orb is going to win I want like to see him deliver a truly great effort He could do so His Derby victory though it was accomplished under favorable circumstances was certainly no fluke And he may continue to improve His trainer Shug McGaughey takes his time developing horses In 1989 his great colt Easy Goer improved sharply from the Derby to the Preakness (which he lost by a nose) and then improved even more to win the Belmont Stakes by eight lengths If Orb is on a similar trajectory the sport may have plenty of excitement in the coming weeks For prevous columns by Andrew Beyer visit Booker said that T-Bone was both "1000 percent real" and an "archetype" So which is itBooker allies note that the National Review story tills little new ground beyond what the Esquire piece covered Fine But Booker has never seemed to resolve the question of whether T-Bone you know existsBack in 2008 Booker was a mayor with a bright future Today he is on the verge of being with talk of even higher office on the horizonDoes the squishy T-Bone story line mean that Bookers rapid ascent to the Senate will slow Nope Hell win in October But Booker is now playing on a much larger field and the T-Bone example shows he needs to be careful with what he says going forwardCory Booker for serving up red meat to the opposition you had the worst week in Washington Congrats or somethingHave a candidate for the Worst Week in Washington E-mail Chris Cillizza at Read more from friend us on and follow us on starting with a 1988 review of Jacksons performance at . Oct 14 1988Michael Jackson is the Body ElectricAt Capital Centre last night he proved so interesting to watch that he could have sounded like Tiny Tim and nobody would have complainedWell almost nobody and since he sounded just likeMichael Jacksonit all worked out in the endFor all the good singing -- and there was plenty of that -- it always seems to come back to movement and emotion with Jackson He is a dancer beyond compare the embodiment of the perpetual motion principle seemingly boneless with lubricating oil in his veins This is a man with more moves in a night than Nationwide has in a year You could hate him but you couldn't take your eyes off himRichard Harrington June 26 2009Try for a moment to separate the art from the artist Consider Michael Jackson's entertainment proffer in a vacuum-sealed spaceIn that bubble where Bubbles and all the peculiarities and plastic surgeries matter not one whit you will find a man -- and if you go back far enough into the archives a child -- who was unquestionably one of the most transcendent performers in popular musicHe was Elvis with an androgynous tenor Sinatra with a moonwalk and killer pop instincts Prince with more mass appeal John Paul George and Ringo with high-water pants white socks and a single sequined gloveJackson was a singular talent even if he was sometimes derivative He sang like Frankie Lymon by way of Smokey Robinson and Diana Ross though his soulful ingratiating voice sounded original and distinctive; to this day it remains one of the most easily recognizable voices in the worldJ Freedom du Lac June 26 2009He was but a 14-year-old child in 1972 and black mothers and aunts and big sisters in the ghettos of the nation seemed to pull that child to their bosoms He was a little brother; he was a precious boy; he was like the prodigy in your own church There he was on "American Bandstand" and on "Soul Train" The early '70s actually represented some beautiful times in America -- freedom rising integration building and little Michael singing on the hand-held radio Little Michael with the prettiest and fluffiest Afro in the landThroughout the years he claimed covers of Ebony and Jet magazines And even when his life had begun to take on tawdry dimensions black America refused to abandon him It was as if they knew the pain that had greeted so many child performers black or whiteWil Haygood .“I am a boy” became a constant theme in struggles over clothing, Eventually," No worries here: A quick click on the subtitles option and you'll be able to figure out wheether he was saying "Gotham's reckoning" or "something's beckoning.

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