The three-storeyed building owned by the Institute of Power Systems Automation Ltd (Instytut Automatyki Systemów Energetycznych, IASE) is situated in one of the most attractive parts of Wrocław, on the so called Big Island, within the historical Szczytnicki Park and in the immediate surroundings of the Centennial Hall, the Wrocław Feature Films Studio and the zoo.

It was designed by Max Berg and Hans Poelzig and was built in the 1930s. In the years of 2000-2001 the house underwent a complete overhaul and was remarkably modernized. The building’s body and the brick part of the façade remained unaltered. Inside of the building one can find new, well-equipped conference rooms and huge exhibition spaces.

I1   Reverse Pedagogy
I2   Culture in Action
I2   Masses of Culture
I2   Laboratory of Risk
I2   Lost in Culture
I3   Medical Aid Post
I4   Scary Monsters and Super Creeps

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