Emergency Room

The Emergency Room Pavilion, designed by Marcin Garbacki and Karolina Tunajek, will be located in front of the Centennial Hall in the same spot where the Thousand Buckets Tower was erected during the 1948 Exhibition of the Regained Territories. The pavilion’s modular design draws on the concept of the Tower.

“The form of the pavilion is an organic shape which contrasts its rigorously shaped surroundings. Its dynamics is also inspired by the idea and character of Geoffroy’s format. The body and interior of the pavilion consist of an isolated, round Emergency Room surrounded by the Delay Museum which is transparent and unrestricted in shape. Funnel-shaped entrances thrust into the pavilion’s body.

The main structure is a light steel skeleton. Dispersed light will shine through a polycarbonate plated roof. The monumental Centennial Hall will also be visible from within the Room. The semitransparent polypropylene outer walls in their modular design draw on the Thousand Buckets Tower.”

Marcin Garbacki and Karolina Tunajek

The Pavilion was designed in cooperation with Jean de Piepape.

H1    Concert Hall
H2   Exhibition Space
H3   Emergency Room
H4   Press Room

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