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photo: visualization of the capsule from the “Tomorrow Never Dies” exhibition in front of Design Gallery -

Design Gallery is located at 2-4 Świdnicka street in Wrocław, on the main pedestrian street with shopping and tourist facilities, just a few meters from the Old Market. Exhibition space has approximately 300 square meters and is in a shape of a rectangle. The front elevation of the gallery is in full made of tall windows, which extend the inside field with the view of a busy pedestrian area outside. Apart of the "official" exhibition space, the program is often realized in administrative and office premises and in the area around the gallery (e.g. small square at the back). Appropriate architectural arrangements are made for the purpose of exhibitions. In 2010, additional space called “Black Briefcase” (4 square meters) has been launched and it's dedicated to present special projects, critical to the "official" program of the gallery, for ephemeral events, miniatures and others.

Design Gallery – BWA Wrocław, supports the initiatives that appear on the borderline of art and design, and it's original program based on chief curator's conception includes both: exhibitions and activities of educational nature. We are interested in design and multimedia – but exhibition projects are not limited to any medium imposed from above. The aim of the gallery is to promote the "extended" design, which do not limit itself to traditionally conceived usable object. The challenge of the gallery are - outside the presentation of interesting phenomena in contemporary iconosphere - curator's exhibitions that present a positive aesthetical and functional program and that discuss various questions that appear within design sphere. An important part of these proposals are projects related to the so-called “design-art” that are purely exhibition projects, visionary, anti-systemic and conceptual, these are an important elements in the process of the emergence of new forms and requirements. At the same time we see that the boundary between art and design presents itself in issues such as:: "responsibility", "efficiency" and "problem solving". Design's main task should be to help people adapt to constantly changing world.

Gallery is open Monday to Friday from 11.00 to 18.00 and on Saturdays from 11.00 to 15.00. For special projects gallery opening times change, even late into the night.

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