Wildbirds & Pecedrums


Date and place of start: 2006, Gothenburg, Sweden

Place: Gothenburg, Sweden

Theme: music

ECC Participation: artist

photo: Hans Olof Johansson

Wildbirds & Pecedrums is a group founded by a Swedish marriage. Singer Mariam Wallentin and Andreas Werliin who accompanies her met at the Academy of Music and Drama in Goeteborg while studying musical improvisation. Disappointed with the academic approach to art they started to create and self-publish their own music.

"Our music is definitely more inspired by fire than by ice."

They debuted in 2007 when label Leaf published their first album “Heatcore”. After its world-wide release the career of Wildbirds & Peacedrums quickly took off. Even though they received the Swedish Jazz Act of the Year award, their music is a multi-genre mixture of simple ingredients – drums, samplers, and Mariam’s unique voice.

Fans of alternative music compare them to Björk, jazzmen consider them one of their own, and club dwellers praise their thrilling rhythms.

They have already performed in Poland during the OFF Festival and the Cracow-based Unsound festival. Last autumn they released their latest album – “Rivers”.

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