Tim Exile


Date and place of start: 1999, London, UK

Place: London, UK

Theme: music

ECC Participation: artist

photo: Tim Exile

Tim Shaw (Exile is his stage name) talented electronic music producer, a philosopher by education, a skilled computer programmer; in other words, a true Renaissance Man. Shaw started making music during the drum’n’bass craze. Bored with playing DJ sets and creating music that sounded like beats created by other artists, Shaw started writing software for Native Instruments, tried his hand at diverse musical styles and made use of his musical education. He recorded two albums for the Planet Mu label (“Pro Agonist,” “Tim Exile’s Nuisance Gabbaret Lounge”) and one for Warp (“Listening Tree”). His latest EP, entitled “Interactive,” was released as a free Internet download in 2010.

“Music today is both entertainment and commodity, while in the past it was a common good. Everybody participated in its creation and sharing.”

After the release of “Listening Tree” in 2009, the press declared Shaw the “David Bowie of electronica.” Shaw, mostly admired for his progressive dance tracks, proved that he is also capable of writing original compositions, mixing glitchy, synthetic sounds and breaks with smooth pop melodies, often accompanied by dreamy vocals. His body of work was completely futuristic, with a little bit of 80s nostalgia added for good measure. Shaw distanced himself from all attempts at pigeonholing his music and claimed that he never listened to pop, was raised on classical music and grew up listening to contemporary sounds.

After a few years in Berlin, where he wrote software and composed music for television, Shaw returned to London in 2010. His Internet activities gained momentum, he is a prolific member of SoundCloud. Shaw is also working on brand new, innovative compositions, which will combine technical know-how with his musical philosophy.

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