Ricardo Szwarcer


Date and place of birth: 1948, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Living place: Barcelona, Spain

Theme: culture management, theater

ECC Participation: Congress Council

photo: Tracy Gilbert

Theatrical producer, director of the Grec Festival in Barcelona – international event held annually in the summer in the capital of Catalonia. Its program features a wide range of performing arts. The diversity of the festival events included such artists as Laurie Anderson, Pina Bausch, Peter Greenaway and Peter Brook. Szwarcer makes Grec a place in which various stage traditions and practices cross (the 2010 edition was devoted mostly to the Japanese theatre). He calls the Barcelona showcase a festival in ceaseless motion.

“The politicians associate providing for culture with the luxurious expense.”

Ricardo Szwarcer graduated from Escuela Superior de Comercio Carlos Pellegrini (ESCCP) and University of Buenos Aires (1970), where he studied political economy. He worked in the theatres of the capital city: administered Teatro San Martin in the years 1975-1982 and Teatro Colón in the period 1982-1986. Afterwards, Szwarcer has been a director of the latter institution until 1989. Having moved to Europe, he became artistic director of the Opera in Lille (1991-1998). His goal was i.a. to reform this institution and develop new managing strategy. Szwarcer recalls his Lille experience in the book “Theatre in Crisis? Performance Manifestos for a New Century” (2002), edited by Maria M. Delgado and Caridad Svich. He also advised the authorities of Santiago de Chile on the new managing strategy for the local opera. Before he assumed the function of director in Barcelona, Szwarcer had worked as an independent theatre producer.

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