Stach Szabłowski


Date and place of birth: 1973, Warsaw, Poland

Living place: Warsaw, Poland

Theme: art criticism

ECC Participation: publication

Art historian, curator and critic. Made famous by exhibitions that introduced socialist realism into the discourse of post-communist art. “Concrete Legacy” (CSW, 2007) presented a wide variety of voices with its discussion of big prefabricated housing in the People’s Republic of Poland; the “Beyond the Red Horizon” exhibition contrasted the works of young Polish artists with their Russian counterparts. He debuted as a curator in 2000 with the “Scene of 2000” exhibition, organized with Ewa Grządek – the project showcased works of the important Polish artists of the turn of the centuries.

“The curator is always a critic.”

He graduated from the Art History Institute at the University of Warsaw. Szabłowski works as a curator at the Centre for Contemporary Art at the Ujazdów Castle in Warsaw. He has also written for daily newspapers such as “Dziennik” and magazines, such as “Zwierciadło”, “Obieg”, “K-Magazine” and “Architektura-Murator”. Frequently cooperates with the Centre for Contemporary Art. Describes himself as “a passionate consumer of art, who is not satisfied with watching, and thus takes up commenting and organizing”.

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