Oliver Sturm


Date and place of birth: 1959, Holzminden, Germany

Living place: Berlin, Germany

Theme: theatre, music

ECC Participation: event curator

photo: private archive

Oliver Sturm is primarily an author and director of radio dramas and theater and opera productions. For the European Culture Congress, Sturm, Patryk Zakrocki and Jérome Delormas will be preparing the “Sound Cinemas” project.

“In the little town where I was born we have no history, but a loose continuity of anecdotes. This is my original form.”

Sturm has worked for a few years with people with psychological disorders. He began his artistic career writing librettos and screenplays for indie theater companies in Berlin. He penned the radio adaptation of “The Lord of the Rings,” broadcasted by German radio. Sturm taught literature and theater at universities in Hamburg and Berlin. He also served as literary director at the German Opera on the Rhine and the German Opera in Berlin. Sturm translated Lewis Carroll’s “The Hunting of the Snark” into German and authored a study on Beckett’s later works, titled “Der letzte Satz der letzten Seite ein letztes Mal.” He is fascinated by “the language of form.” Sturm claims that structures, rhythms, and repetitions shape free will, but they also speak a concrete language, one with specific content.

In 2002 and 2003, Sturm directed a festival of radio dramas and sound arts organized by Akademie der Künste. His newest invention is the “Pray-o-mat,” which is, simply put, a prayer machine. A few of these are placed in Berlin, Frankfurt, and Dresden.

Currently, Sturm is working on establishing the Berlin International School of Sound Art and Storytelling.

Sturm’s work on the “Sound Cinema” project is supposed to represent the Hans Flesch Society, a Berlin-based organization engaged in international promotion of sound arts.

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