Monika Strzępka


Date and place of birth: 1976, Tuchow, Poland

Living place: Walbrzych, Poland

Theme: theatre, direction

ECC Participation: artist

Strzępka is a theater director. Gained notoriety with plays she staged with Paweł Demirski. She specializes in critical theater, often uses stories that describe the economic, historic and mental ramifications of Polish conflicts. Her theatrical language is blunt, cheeky and very humorous, and forms such as pastiche, grotesque and cabaret often feature in her work.

”I think it would be okay if education was limited solely to schools.”

Strzępka has staged plays in Český Těšín, Bydgoszcz, Gdańsk and Jelenia Góra. Strzępka and her partner Paweł Demirski are working at the Dramatic Theater in Wałbrzych (“Diamonds Are Only Carbon Hard at Work,” “Once Upon a Time, There Was a Pole, a Pole, a Pole and the Devil,” “Long Live the War,” “Once Upon a Time, There Was Andrzej, Andrzej, Andrzej and Andrzej”) and the Polish Theater in Wrocław (“Dziady. The Disinterment” and “Death of a Taxpayer.”) Currently, she’s preparing the adaptation of Demirski’s “A Rainbow Stand 2012.” Strzępka and Demirski have won the top prize at the 2010 Divine Comedy International Theatre Festival.

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