Guy Sorman


Date and place of birth: 1944, Paris, France

Living place: New York City, US

Theme: essay writing, political journalism

ECC Participation: panel member

photo: private archive

Guy Sorman is an influential intellectualist, essayist and political journalist. A graduate of the prestigious École nationale d'administration (ENA - a school that educates French political elites), Sorman gave classes in economy at the Paris University and lectured, inter alia, in China, Russia, Argentine and USA. He has also established in 1975 the Éditions Sorman publishing house.

Sorman is an advocate of liberalism and a defender of free markets and democratic societies. He has authored more than 20 books, among others, “The American Conservative Revolution” (1983), “Exit from Socialism” (1990), “The Children of Rifaa : In Search of a Moderate Islam” (2003). “The Liberal Solution”, published in 1985, became the bible of the political transformation in Europe. In his latest works Sorman proves that Islam, contrary to popular belief, is not conflicting with the principles of the free market economy and the ideals of democracy.

“I’m trying to think as a human being. Not as an European, a Frenchman, nor a Westerner.”

From 1995 to 1997, Sorman was an economic adviser to the French minister of foreign affairs, and then to the prime minister Alain Juppé. From 2002 to 2007, he worked for the French National Consultative Commission on Human Rights. Since 2008, Sorman has been an adviser to the South Korean president Lee Myung-baku. Several countries honoured him with their highest distinctions: Argentine – Orden de Mayo, Brazil – Ordem Nacional de Cruzeiro do Sul, and France – Légion d’honneur.

Sorman contributes to the New York-based Project Syndicate, his commentaries are published in over 100 newspapers around the world. He is a regular collaborator of The Wall Street Journal and Le Figaro, and also works as an editor of City Journal – a quarterly published by the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, an institution disseminating ideas that support the free market. Sorman runs his own blog “Le futur, c’est tout de suite” (“Future, it’s right now”), which is an original chronicle of globalization.

As a participant of the European Culture Congress, Guy Sorman will take part in the discussion “Culture in action”.

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