Agata Siwiak


Date and place of birth: 1974, Poland

Living place: Poznań, Poland

Theme: theatre

ECC Participation: event curator

photo: private archive

Curator of theater and interdisciplinary projects. Until recently, Siwiak has been involved in the Four Cultures Dialogue Festival in Łódź supervised by her from the chair of artistic director (together with Grzegorz Niziołek). Previously she was linked primarily with one of the most significant Polish theatres, the Stary Teatr (Old Theater) in Cracow, where she ran the baz@rt festival, organized local events and international projects. For the last ten years, she has been cooperating with the most interesting theater festivals in Poland. Siwiak is one of these curators that treat festivals as works of conceptual, discursive art.

“The curator is a hybrid.”

Her own projects always focus on a given problem or issue that is later tackled by the invited artists. That was the case with baz@rt, focused on the issues of postdramatic theater, modern dramaturgy and new media, or the Four Cultures Dialogue Festival in Łódź. The programme of the festival was centered on the multicultural identity of the city and invited artists and curators analyzed flashpoints and tensions still present in modern-day Łódź. She treats the genius loci of each city that hosts her projects as a natural reference point, but also a challenge. It is the same with the event she’s organizing for the European Culture Congress, called “Trickster 2011”.

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