Milena Dragićević Šešić


Date and place of birth: 1954, Trogir, Croatia

Living place: Belgrade, Serbia

Theme: cultural management

ECC Participation: publication

photo: private archive

Professor Milena Dragićević-Šešić is the Head of the UNESCO Chair in Studies of Interculturalism, Art and Cultural Management and Mediation in the Balkans at the University of Arts in Belgrade. She is a prominent researcher in the field of cultural studies and cultural policies. She lectures at many European universities. For years she is also strongly involved in civil society and anti-war groups, particularly in the former Yugoslavia.

“People in the third sector are focused on innovation and have more energy, ideas, and eagerness to act than their governmental counterparts, who quickly settle into conventional modes of action.”

Her interests led her to the Marcel Hicter Foundation in Brussels, where Dragićević-Šešić taught courses in cultural project management. She is currently the President of the Board of the European Diploma in Cultural Project Management, and has been with the founda-tion for twenty years. From the beginning of her career, Dragićević-Šešić has devoted her attention to both academic and research work as well as social activism in Europe, the Arab states, Central Asia, and the Caucasus region. She is currently the President of the Cultural Policy Research Award at the European Cultural Foundation, Amsterdam. She conducts numerous training programs and workshops throughout Europe.

She has published over 100 essays and a great number of books, among them: “Culture: management, animation, marketing”,” Neofolk culture”, “Art and alternative”, “ Horizons of reading”, “ Art management in turbulent times”, “Intercultural mediation in the Balkans”, translated in 16 languages. She also serves as a consultant on strategy building and organization reform to cultural institutions and third-sector organi-zations.

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