Pier Luigi Sacco


Living place: Venice, Italy

Theme: economy of culture

ECC Participation: panel member

photo: private archive

Pier Luigi Sacco is professor of Cultural Economics at IULM University, Milan, and as of September 1, 2011, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Markets, and Heritage. 

”The periods of crisis are often those in which necessity stimulates the creativity and positive adaptations of the cultural system to a negative environment.”

His research is focused on the economy of culture in postindustrial times. His outlook is a curious mix of economic savvy and humanist reflection. Sacco claims that investing in intangible goods must become a part of a new economic policy and that it is a way to include art in the building of our prosperity. He also claims that cooperation between scientists, businessmen and local communities is absolutely crucial to social and cultural development. Such cooperation, according to Sacco, should be fostered on a local, as well as an international level.

Sacco authored numerous publications on modern economy. He writes about economic behavior, competitiveness, tax cuts for those investing in culture and sponsorship. Sacco does not limit himself to strictly theoretical reflections. He’s Science Director of The Fund Raising School at the University of Bologna, an organization tasked with acquiring funds for scientific research, scholarships and grants. He also is one of the coordinators of the Masters Program in Art and Culture Management at the School of Management in Trento. There, he teaches how to acquire funds for cultural and economic development of cities. Sacco serves as an advisor in these matters to the governments of Venice, Florence, the French city of Lille and the capital of Albania.

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