Blandine Roselle


Birthdate: 1976

Living place: Lille, France

Theme: contemporary art

ECC Participation: event curator

photo: private archive

Blandine Roselle got a History Of Arts degree; then she started to work in museums (Fine Arts Museum of Arras, France, Royal Fine Arts Museum of Brussels, Belgium). She has been collaborating with various cultural associations since 2000, as coordinator, programmator and curator of cultural events (such as Lille 2004 – European Capital Of Culture, Lille 3000 Festival, Bethune 2011 Regional Capital of Culture) and as the assistant of the curator Richard Castelli, a Head of Epidemic, an international exhibition and show producing company.

Apart from these activities, she has been developing independent and personal projects. After she obtained a post-graduate diploma of International Artistic Cooperation at the University Of Paris VIII her main interest turned towards cultural imperialism and dominating cultures. During her study trip in Amazonia, she compared contemporary artistic scenes of French Guyana, Surinam and Guyana. Three exhibitions came out from this work in 2007: in Lille (“Jungle Resistance”, Maison Folie de Wazemmes), Lambersart (“L'art que cache la forêt”, Colysée) and Paris (“Poteries amérindiennes”, Galerie des arts derniers). They were questioning the European point of view on vernacular arts. That project gave her the opportunity to be part of seminar “Eyes wide open” at the 5th Berlin Biennal (2008).

Then, she extended her research work to popular culture and began to explore the different kinds of exclusions existing within the western world about art. Starting from these reflections, a new project arose in 2010 on the theme of bicycles. Mixing street and contemporary art, popular and artistic events, she questioned different ways to occupy, involve, and change urban areas. This project included design contests, street events and exhibitions. As a result, Oxylane Art Foundation invited her to create a collection of contemporary art about bikes that was presented at Quinzaine de l’Entorse festival. Her future projects are linked to tattoo, mexican fights lucha libre and music.

As a participant of the European Culture Congress Blandine Roselle will contribute to the exhibition 10x10 as a curator recommended by Aneta Szyłak.

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