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Artur Rojek

Date and place of birth: 1972, Mysłowice, Poland

Living place: Mysłowice, Poland

Theme: music

ECC Participation: event curator

Curator of the "Scary Monsters and Super Creeps" music program.

One of the most influential names in Polish rock, Artur Rojek is a vocalist, guitarist, songwriter, and the leader of the band Myslovitz. He is the creator and head of the OFF Festival, an annual alternative rock event that has won great popularity among music fans.

“They say the sun above me is not the only one.”

Rojek began his career in music on the radio, where he hosted shows devoted to alternative guitar music from Great Britain. His interest in psychedelic British rock inspired the music he played with his first band, The Freshmen, founded in 1992 and later transformed into Myslovitz. Subsequent albums by the band earned the acclaim of a growing audience of critics and music lovers. The music was lauded for combining simple rock and roll energy with musical subtlety, a knack for improvisation, and original lyrics. Rojek avoids labeling his own art. Paying attention to the artistic quality of the music, he claims, does not preclude the creation of catchy melodies that appeal to broader audiences.

The band’s fourth album, Miłość w czasach popkultury (1999), won the Polityka Passport and several Fryderyk Awards — one of the most important distinctions in the Polish music business. Rojek himself has also received many Fryderyk nominations, and is the winner of the regional “Cegła Janosika” prize, which was awarded to him for his services to Upper Silesia and his role in local culture.