Pirate Party International


Date and place of start: 2006, Brussels, Belgium

Place: Brussels, Belgium

Theme: copyright law

ECC Participation: publication

photo: Gustav Whrmann / Spandauer Nachrichten

The Pirate Party International (PPI) is a non-governmental organization of national pirate parties. Its member parties vary in status, from NGOs to political parties that participate in parliamentary elections, as in Germany and Sweden. According to the PPI, copyright restrictions are obsolete and all online content should be available for free. The PPI calls for the removal of restrictions on copying music, video, and other content, and believes that information should be presented in unedited form, which they claim is the only way to guarantee neutrality.

"Political parties say that the voters are wrong. We say it's the law that's wrong."

The Pirate Party International stressed its strong support for Julian Assange during the recent WikiLeaks controversy.

The co-chairmen of the PPI, Jerry Weyer (1986) and Gregory Engels (1976), describe themselves as “practicing pirates.”The former is currently finishing his degree in European law in Luxembourg, while the latter works as an IT consultant.

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