Chiara Parisi


Birthplace: Rome, Italy

Living place: Vassivière Island, France

Theme: contemporary art

ECC Participation: event curator

photo: Marc Domage

An art historian and curator, director of the International Centre for Art and Landscape (Centre International d’Art et du Paysage) located in the building designed by Aldo Rossi on the French island of Vassivière.

The Art Center of Vassivière Island, where Chiara Parisi works since 2004, is one of the leading art institutions in France regarding the production of exhibitions. Under her leadership, many monographic shows were conceived here, like those of Rosa Barba, Cyprien Gaillard, Claude Lévêque, Huang Yong Ping, Oscar Tuazon, Thomas Houseago, Marisa Merz. Many of the works produced for the exhibitions at the Art Center are now part of the greatest public and private collections. Under Parisi’s directory the sculpture park grew with many new projects like those of Yona Friedman, Victor Man, Kris Martin, Olivier Mosset, Michael Sailstorfer. Soon they will be followed by works prepared by Koo Jeong-A or Alexander Ponomarev. Chiara Parisi has also initiated the artists' residencies, that will be hosted by the castle facing Aldo Rossi's building. The castle is supposed to be opened soon.

“Do you know a more generous practice than contemporary art where the viewer is immediately put at ease in his desire to discover or his freedom to criticize?”

Her relationship with France began in 1998, when she was invited by Villa Medici – the French Academy in Rome to organize and develop the contemporary art department and to be the curator of the projects involving emerging artists. So was born « La Folie de la Villa Médicis », inside a greenhouse built by the group A12 in the garden that surrounded a studio, where Balthus used to live. Animated by the artists, philosophers and writers, this place became an experimentation centre. The projects that Parisi organized there were always revolving around the idea of the promenade: thus, the books that were born out of those experiments are reminiscent of travel notebooks.

Chiara Parisi teaches history of contemporary art at the University of Rome and she is a member of committee of experts of the French institution Franche-Comté Frac.

As a participant of the European Culture Congress Chiara Parisi will contribute to the exhibition 10x10 as a curator recommended by Hans Ulrich Obrist.

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