Łukasz Orbitowski


Date and place of birth: 1977, Cracow, Poland

Living place: Warsaw, Poland

Theme: literature

ECC Participation: publication

A man of many faces. A writer by trade, a philosopher by profession, and a bodybuilder by choice. The father of Julian, and a lover of video. Łukasz Orbitowski is best known as a horror and fantasy writer. He debuted with Diabeł na Jabol Hill, published in the first issue of the Polish monthly “Science Fiction.” He has published articles in pop-culture magazines such as “Machina” and “Playboy,” and currently contributes to “Przekrój” and “Nowa Fantastyka.”

"Have Facebook and Twitter become a necessity to the artist?"

He has published the novels Horror show (2006), Tracę ciepło (2007), and Święty Wrocław (2009), the short story collections Wigilijne psy (2005) and Nadchodzi (2010), and the children’s book Prezes i Kreska. Jak koty tłumaczą sobie świat (2008).

Orbitowski was among the first to write horror novels in a Polish setting, with stories taking place amidst the apartment complexes and courtyards of Kraków, Warsaw, and Wrocław. A prominent example is Święty Wrocław, where the dreadful force is neither a ghost nor a human, but Polanka, a Wrocław apartment complex that has come to life. Although the frightful atmosphere in Orbitowski’s books is not in the least tongue-in-cheek, he is known for his play on the conventions of popular literature and his sly winks to the reader.

As he himself puts it, he has been “Nominated, awarded, and loved by all.”

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