Don Miller


Birthdate: 1959

Living place: Shelburne, Canada

Theme: visual art

ECC Participation: artist

photo: private archive

Conteptual artist, works in a number of media including performance, video, installation, experimental architecture, snow sculpture and poetry. His projects include an ongoing series of sensory deprivation and/or sensory enhancement snow caves, a large one of a kind frankenhouse constructed from numerous century old barns, spoken word performances at various venues, and creating what he terms “a strategy for living.”

Though the majority of his projects are produced independently, outside the gallery network, Miller has also presented performances, videos, readings and interventions at Ghost Ship (Amsterdam), York University (Toronto), Knock on Woods (Holland), Pleasure Dome/ Cinecycle (Toronto), Engine Gallery (Toronto), Tranzac (Toronto), and Anna Leonowens Gallery (Halifax). He graduated from NSCAD University (2002).

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