Tomislav Medak


Living place: Zagreb, Croatia

Theme: philosophy, culture, theater

ECC Participation: panel member

photo: private archive

Medak is a philosopher, a social and cultural activist, and a proponent of open culture. Interested in political philosophy, aesthetics and media theory. In his work, he often analyzes the influence the mass media and cutting edge technologies have on social life and culture.

”The rise of digital networked environment has brought about an immense gain in fundamental freedoms enshrined in the foundations of democracies.”

Medak is a part of the Multimedia Institute (MAMA) in Zagreb. The Institute is a non-profit organization involved in research and popularizing digital culture. There, he works on research projects and coordinates the publishing section of the Institute. Under MAMA’s auspices, Medak has co-organized the 2005, 2006 and 2007 editions of “Freedom for Creativity!” festival, an event celebrating culture and science, and in 2006, he organized “System.hack(),” an exhibition on the history of hacking and hacker culture.

Medak is the coordinator of Creative Commons Croatia and sits on the board of iCommons. He is a proponent of extending the public domain, introducing free software and a more flexible intellectual property and copyright framework. He works to popularize tools and practices facilitating universal access to culture and education.

Medak is one of the founders of Clubture, a unique umbrella organization representing Croatian NGOs working for independent culture. He is involved with “Rights to the City,” an organization opposing the economic exploitation of Zagreb and urban policies ignoring the needs of the locals. Medak is also a part – as the resident philosopher, performer and choreographer – of BADco, of one of the most recognizable and innovative Croatian theater groups.

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