Barbara Markowska


Birthplace: Gdynia, Poland

Living place: Pruszków, Polska

Theme: philosophy, sociology, performance studies

ECC Participation: publication

photo: private archive

Barbara Markowska specializes in philosophy, sociology and theatre studies. She is senior lecturer in the Sociology Department at Collegium Civitas.

A scholar of vast humanistic interests, researches on ethics and philosophy of politics, cultural anthropology, post-structuralism, gender studies, media and contemporary art theory. In Collegium Civitas she has led courses in e.g. cultural and social contexts of post-humanism and biopolitics.

”Since culture, as well as art, became a product and lost its true autonomy, everything has been allowed…”

Markowska participated in the projects connected with the local cultures and multiculturalism. She reviewed the local cultures development program at the Stefan Batory Foundation (2000) and coordinated the project “Strengthening of the Socio-Civil Skills of the Elderly Women in the Multicultural Villages of the North-Eastern Poland”, developed by Collegium Civitas (2008-2010). Its main aim was a creation of collective memory and recreation of the social, including transgenerational, bonds through storytelling about the past and through theatrical actions.

She engaged herself in the Collegium Civitas Future Studies Seminars (2009), lecturing on e.g. the task of art in the era of post-humanism. Markowska participated in the international conference organized by the Contemporary Art Centre, devoted to the contemporary French aesthetics, entitled “Boundaries of Word and Image in the Thought of Lyotard and Levinas” (2010).

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