Ryszard Markiewicz


Birthdate: 1948

Living place: Cracov, Poland

Theme: copyright law

ECC Participation: panel member

Full professor of law, one of the best experts in copyright and press law in Poland, chief of the Intellectual Property Law Institute at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. As a participant of the European Culture Congress Ryszard Markiewicz will take part in the discussion Wikianarchy.

„We are about to enter a serious discussion over the threat that the Internet poses to the traditional press release.”

Being a lawyer with humanistic sensitivity (he is a son of the outstanding literature researcher Henryk Markiewicz), he wrote, among others, Literary Work and Its Author in the Polish Copyright Law (1984) and Protection of Scientific Works (1990). As a co-author he usually publishes with Janusz Barta, with whom he has been creating for more than thirty years a tandem unique in the scientific world. Among their works are Main Problems of Computer Law (1993), The Internet and the Law (1998), Copyright Law (2008).

In the last decade, Ryszard Markiewicz managed scientific-research studies on the protection of personal details databases and the legal problems related to e-commerce. He is a member of many scientific structures, among others, the Scientific Council of the Institute of Information and Library Science, the PAU Commission on Law, and the International Association for the Advancement of Teaching and Research in Intellectual Property.

Markiewicz is of the opinion that, in the age of Internet, artists’ and creators’ rights should be protected, although in such a way that would not limit the freedom of speech, but would give wide access to creative works, also in the Web. However, he admits the problem is not simple. “Whenever someone puts forward a proposal that online publications should fall under the press legislation, and thus be subject to registration, protests are lodged that this is an attempt to limit the freedom of speech”, says Markiewicz. “But if these publications are not subject to press legislation, voices are raised that authors are deprived of rights that journalists have by the force of law. I have no good answer what to do with this problem.”

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