Ruben Maes


Date and place of birth: 1976, Vlissingen, Netherlands

Living place: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Theme: journalism, strategic communications

ECC Participation: moderator

photo: private archive

A journalist. Ruben Maes is specialised in strategic communications advise. Furthermore he is an experienced moderator of debating sessions and expert meetings. He is involved in a wide range of assignments where public or private organisations have to communicate with politicians, stakeholders and the media. His main interest are cultural politics, social issues, and cultural diversity.

In earlier years, Maes worked as a strategic advisor for government campaigns, such as the one surrounding the enlargement of the European Union. He also worked in the Czech Republic, where he contributed to efforts to improve the quality of public debate and the involvement of young people in Czech society.

After finishing his political science studies, Ruben Maes worked for a research company aiming at strategic advice for campaigns. He also worked on a freelance basis for BNR Nieuwsradio and he was an editor of PM Den Haag. In 2003 Ruben started his own bureau, specialised in political-strategic advice and the hosting of discussions.

Maes is a chairman of The Association of Directors of the Hague Theatres and Companies and interim-chairman of SICA, Dutch Centre for International Cultural Activities.

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