Andrzej Leder


Date and place of birth: 1960, Warsaw, Poland

Living place: Warsaw, Poland

Theme: philosophy of culture, sociology, psychotherapy

ECC Participation: publication

During his research on culture, he combines both his medical and psychiatric experience and a solid background in philosophy. His main interests are the modern tired psyche and psychiatric diagnoses of the future man, describing fears and desires of our grandchildren. Leder is recognized by his easy style, backed by the rigorous habits of philosophical writing, and a wide pop cultural context, in which – similar to the likes of like Baudrillard or Žižek – he places his tales of modern culture and myths.

“The level of emotion observed when the subject is choosing terracotta is simply astounding.”

He works at the Institute of Philosophy at the Polish Academy of Sciences, researching philosophical foundations of modern culture. His published works include: “Przemiana mitów czyli życie w epoce schyłku” (1997), “Nieświadomość jako pustka” (2001), “Przemiana mitów druga czyli wojna o obraz” (2004).

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