Date and place of start: 2006, Helsinki, Finland

Place: Helsinki, Finland

Theme: music

ECC Participation: artist

photo: K-X-P

An experimental trio, playing what they call “doom-dance” – a mixture of dance rhythms and dark electronic soundscapes. Core of the band is formed by ex-members of the electropop group Op:l Bastards – singer/producer Timo Kaukolampi and guitarist Tuomo Puranan. The line-up also includes two drummers, Anssi Nykänen, who used to work with the freejazz group Pekka Phjola and Tomi Leppanen, who is also a member of Aavikko. Together they form a rare explosive mix, their music is sophisticated and, thanks to the catchiness of their tracks, very accessible at the same time.

“Energy is most important for us. Our energy is simultaneously aggressive, cruel and inspiring, so there is no way anyone can really be scared of us.”

K-X-P’s creative output clearly references the legends of avant-garde rock and industrial music of the 70s and 80s: This Heath, 23 Skidoo or Suicide. At the same time, use of cutting-edge technology and wide range of musical experience outside the band makes their work refreshingly original. Timo Kaukolampi is a respected pop producer (the Swedish singer Annie is one of his many collaborators) and Tuomo Puranan has been a long-time member of Jimi Tenor’s band. The critics tried with all their might to find a fitting description for their music, but only came up with “disco-style heavy cosmic krautrock” and “paranoid techno played by a metal band.” Their eponymous debut album has been released in 2010 by the independent Smalltown Supersound label.

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