Grzegorz Kowalski


Birthdate: 1942

Living place: Warsaw, Poland

Theme: art, sculpture, performance

ECC Participation: Congress Council

His workshop, nicknamed “The Forge” (a play on his name, which loosely translates into “blacksmith”) introduced many of today’s big names in modern Polish critical art, such as Paweł Althamer, Katarzyna Kozyra, Artur Żmijewski, Anna Niesterowicz and Andrzej Kokoszka.

The primary focus of his work is the audience-artwork relationship, the bond between the subject and object, interpersonal dialogue and exchange, the ceaseless transgression of the boundaries of intimacy. His conceptual and multidimensional work takes the form of sculpture, art installations and performances while defying genre or stylistic pigeonholing.

“It is impossible to stem the tide of imagination. To forbid sinful thoughts.”

Professionally, Kowalski’s been linked with the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, where he’s famous for his concept of “partnership-based didactics”. He also authored a score of critical and theoretical articles.

Kowalski's works can be found in National Museums in Warsaw, Cracow and Poznań, the Art Museum in Łódź, the Central Pomeranian Museum in Słupsk, the Museum of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, the Museum of Modern Sculpture CRP in Orońsk, the Studio Gallery - Art Centre in Warsaw and many private collections in Poland and abroad

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