Date and place of start: 2006, Oslo, Norway

Place: Oslo, Norway

Theme: music

ECC Participation: artist

photo: Killl

A Norwegian supergroup that eschews the tradition practice of releasing albums, claiming that their music is best experienced live. Killl is an audiovisual project by JR Ewing’s Erlend Mokkelbost, Jaga Jazzist’s Martin Horntveth, Are Mokkelbost (Single Unit, ARM), and No Place to Hide’s Espen T. Hangård. Each band member comes from a different musical background, from jazz to hardcore and metal. What connects them is their love for making extreme and uncompromising music. Killl performances feature visual projections by Kyrre Heldal Karlsen.

“We give rock audiences an intense art experience, while art lovers get to see an unparalleled concert.”

With each member preoccupied by performing in several groups at once, practice sessions are few and far in between. Killl goes over their material before each show, but the concerts are largely improvised. What more, the musicians make a point of kicking their own habits: the guitarists don’t use normal guitar amps, the drummer plays an electronic drum set, and the sound is mixed live, subjected to electronic manipulation, and synchronized with the visual projections. The images are designed to evoke optical illusions. Killl’s concerts are heavy, psychedelic, and laden with chaotic imagery, forming what amounts to a live art installation.

The band has performed at a variety of venues, including the National Museum of Norway, where they were invited to participate in a series of concerts devoted to the work of Arne Nordheim, a legendary Norwegian contemporary music composer. The members of Killl claim not to be doing anything original. Their goal is not to conduct an experiment per se, but to give audiences an opportunity to take part in a ritual.

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