Philippe Kern


Date and place of birth: 1962, Strasburg, France

Living place: Brussels, Belgium

Theme: law, culture management

ECC Participation: panel member

photo: private archive

Culture manager, expert in copyright law, competition protection and commercial law. Active in international structures – he works, among others, for the European Commission and European Parliament.

„The society should not only focus on addressing the consumers’ needs.”

Kern studied law at universities in Strasbourg and Paris, he also attended the College of Europe in Bruges. Active supporter of culture. His projects have always been large-scale – he managed, inter alia, the law department at PolyGram, and many associations created on his own initiative: European Film Companies Alliance (EFCA), Independent Music Companies Association (IMPALA) and European Young Photography Awards (EYPA). While founding IMPALA, Kern said “we want to be an independent voice in Europe”; at the same time, he wanted these organisations to become a strong representation of the artistic milieu, with some impact on the European policy. On the other hand, he wished Europe would appreciate and make good use of the potential residing in independent artists. Kern also established the association Untitled (Sans Title) which promotes culture as well as initiates meetings of artists, politicians, scientists and businessmen who jointly discuss social issues, intercultural dialogue, environmental preservation and economic development.

Kern is the founder and executive manager of KEA European Affairs, established in 1999. KEA acts for the development of arts, culture and sport, supports creators, and promotes culture under the banner of its authenticity, originality and variety. In 2006, the organisation prepared an extensive report that described the economic and social significance of culture for the development of Europe. Four years later, in another paper, it explored how culture and art stimulate creativity.

As a participant of the European Culture Congress Kern will be a panelist in the discussion "Culture INC".

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