Stefan Kaegi


Date and place of birth: 1972, Solothurn, Switzerland

Living place: Berlin, Germany

Theme: theatre

ECC Participation: panel member

photo: private archive

Stefan Kaegi studied arts in Zurich and drama at the Giessen University. He is a creator of theatre actions that strongly enter the urban space. In his works, he usually engages citizens (that he call “experts”) who are forced to find their way in unusual situations. Kaegi initially worked as a journalist, but soon after he started to weave documentary elements in his drama “interventions”. That is how he links real life with theatrical fiction. In 2000 he established, together with Helgard Haug and Daniel Wetzel, the Rimini-Protokoll group (Berlin) with which he prepares new projects.

„I am gently leading the spectators over areas not known to them and suddenly they come round in a place that surprises and shocks them.”

In the „Torero portero” performance, porters from Buenos Aires stood on the street and talked about their work, while their voices were transmitted to a hall with the audience. In Brazil, Kaegi set off on a trip through slums, being in Bulgaria he travelled with lorry drivers. He sent his truck-scene to various places all over the Europe: Riga, Vienna, Madrid. A year ago the idea of „Cargo Asia” was conceived – it is a peregrination around Japan, Singapore and China. The „Deadline” performance (Hamburg) made use of voices of undertakers and medical students to present new funeral customs. In 2004 the artist organized a feature game in Kraków, and the whole city became the game’s scene.

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