Date and place of start: 2007, Poznań, Poland

Place: Warsaw, Poland

Theme: web design

ECC Participation: publication

A design studio that specializes in advanced web design projects and multimedia applications. Huncwot has designed the Congress logo and is responsible for the visual and user interface aspect of the website.

Huncwot was founded by Łukasz Knasiecki, a cultural studies graduate, cultural organizer, independent curator, and experimental film connoisseur, along with Arek Romański, a graduate of the graphic design department at Poznań’s Academy of Fine Arts, an animator and set designer who has worked for such directors as Marcin Liber. In Huncwot, the pair combine their interest in culture and contemporary art as well as modern technology.

“As a plebeian medium, the internet has earned an undesirable reputation for having low-quality content. We try to break that stereotype by designing projects that convey serious content in a modern and polished form.”

The pair’s most important artistic projects include work on a 2008 open-air multimedia spectacle titled “Rekonstrukcja poety,” where they mixed video and animated footage to illustrate the work of Zbigniew Herbert in front of an audience of 5,000. A significant portion of Huncwot’s work involves special events organized by cultural institutions (Chopin Year, Zbigniew Herbert Year, Mediations Biennale 2008).

Their regular clients include Nowy Teatr in Warsaw and the brand Reserved. They are the designers of A Commonwealth of Diverse Heritage ( and the websites of the Polish National Library and the Polish Institute in Paris. Their work avoids copying ideas — their own as well as others — and has won several industry awards since the very start.
The European Culture Congress website was created in cooperation with Marika Zamojska, Magda Korcz, and Michał Maliszewski.

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