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Nick Holdsworth

Date and place of birth: 1961, Hemel Hempstead, UK

Living place: Bristol, UK

Theme: journalism, film critisism

ECC Participation: Dokc's Docs jury

photo: private archive

Nick Holdsworth is a British film critic and journalist. He is the head of the Eastern European Bureau of the film magazine “Variety” and a foreign correspondent for “The Sunday Telegraph,” “The Hollywood Reporter,” and a number of other English-language titles. Based in Moscow, Holdsworth is an expert on the contemporary cinema of the former Eastern Bloc.

“A new generation of filmmakers and a film fund are finally waking Polish cinema out of years of torpor.”

Holdsworth’s interests also include social issues. He is a consultant to the European Training Foundation, an EU organization that promotes educational development in countries neighboring the Union. He is also a correspondent for “University World News,” the first online magazine devoted to worldwide issues in higher education.

He has published a book titled Moscow: The Beautiful and the Damned — Life in Russia in Transition (2000), the fruit of over a dozen years spent in Russia. Holdsworth describes a generation of people coping with a Soviet past and the 1991 dissolution of the USSR. By documenting their stories, he presents the history of the transformation from the point of view of everyday citizens, instead of the perspective of the establishment and the ruling class. He is also a co-author of the book The Russian Patriot — A Red Army Soldier’s Service for His Motherland and Against Bolshevism (2008). He is the screenwriter and director of the documentary film The Kyrgyz Ice-Cream Seller, Training for Change in Central Asia (2009).

He has served as a judge at several Central and Eastern European film festivals, including the Vilnius International Film Festival, and the Zlín Film Festival in the Czech Republic. He is judge for the Dock’s Docs GdaƄsk Remix competitions, part of the European Culture Congress.