Oliver Herrgesell


Date and place of birth: 1962, Austria

Living place: Luxemburg, Luxemburg

Theme: journalism, media menagement

ECC Participation: panel member

photo: Paul Schirnhofer

Oliver Herrgesell is a journalist and editor. He works as an Executive Vice President Communications, Public Affairs & Marketing in RTL Group. At the beginning of his professional career Herrgesell worked in Austria and Germany as a reporter and editor for newspapers (“Die Woche”, “Berliner Zeitung”), TV broadcasters (“ORF”, “Premiere”), and magazines (“Wiener”, “Tempo”, “Stern”), winning several awards for his journalistic work.

Later, as he admits himself, he went over to the other camp: in 1999 he started to work at the international media & services company Bertelsmann AG, where he was Deputy Head of Corporate Communications until 2006. The same year he joined the RTL Group in February 2006.

„A journalist’s identity is shaped by doubt (including self-doubt and fear of the future). Meanwhile, in PR, the approach is to identify and highlight the positive aspects.”

Herrgessel is also engaged in social and ecological activities. Within RTL he is a chair of „environMINDteam”, a programme that comprises environmental officers and experts from all relevant profit centres. The team meets regularly to discuss environmental topics and exchange group-wide best practices. Since 2010 he is also a member of Save the Children organization. 

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