Mateusz Herczka


Date and place of birth: 1970, Bydgoszcz, Poland

Living place: Stockholm, Sweden

Theme: videoart, bioart, performance

ECC Participation: panel member

photo: private archive

Mateusz Herczka makes video art, avant-garde choreography and installations, locating himself at the meeting point of arts and knowledge. He is inspired by new technologies and sciences that explore the issues of artificial intelligence. Among his lately realized projects are “Open Out of Body Experience” and „Reverse Avatar” (2010) – works that check out reactions of a human body to stimuli resembling those delivered by avatars (3D models in video games).

“I am fascinated by all kinds of systems, especially those that try to shape and analyse the «real» world. If such a world exists at all.”

Herczka studied at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Boston (1989-1993), the Royal Academy of Art and the Royal Conservatory of The Hague (2003-2005). As he says, his works are to provoke questions like: is it art or science? His works include, inter alia, “Laboratory to Ascertain Plausibility of Jim’s Basement Floor Anecdote” – an aquarist installation (2009), “Eindhoven” – a movie in which a stroll in a Dutch city is a pretext for studies on the space (2008), “110 36 zuidvleugel” – a panoramic portrait-documentary that analyses the landscape being seen through a vehicle’s window as a function of time (2007).

His collaboration with dance theatre artists brings interesting results. Hreczka analyses there algorithms or digital systems that can be translated into body language, e.g. in his project “t.cap” (2003), performers drew on studies on cellular automata by Stephen Wolfram (an expert in particle physics and computer algebra) to generate their own motions.

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