Jonny Greenwood


Date and place of birth: 1971, Oxford, UK

Theme: rock, classical music

ECC Participation: artist

This Oxford-born musician and composer is best known for his work as a guitarist for the British rock band Radiohead, in which he also plays the synthesizer and is responsible for electronic sounds. He is a multi-instrumentalist, playing the alto sax, xylophone, Martenot waves, banjo, harmonica and drums. In 2003 he put out his first solo album Bodysong, which was also the soundtrack of the film of the same title. He is also the creator of the widely critically acclaimed soundtrack to films "There Will Be Blood" and "Norwegian Wood".

"There's only 12 power chords, and I think we've had about 20 years of them, so maybe it's time to move on, aye?"

That same year his album, "Jonny Greenwood Is The Controller", was released – it is a compilation of his favourite reggae and dub tracks, published by the famed reggae label Trojan Records.

He has received a nomination for the Grammy award. Greenwood is consistently named as one of the greatest guitarists of the modern era. "The Rolling Stone" magazine has put him in the list of 100 top guitarists of all time. In 2004 he accepted the position at the BBC as a composer for the BBC Concert Orchestra, which provided him with the opportunity to compose works for symphony orchestra and the piano.

Greenwood’s most important works include: "smear", "Piano for Children" and "Popcorn Superhet Receiver." Among the musicians who have inspired Greenwood are such names as Miles Davis, Lenny Kravitz, Krzysztof Penderecki, and Olivier Messiaen. He is also a big fan of the American band Grizzly Bear.

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