Thierry Geoffroy


Date and place of birth: 1961, Nancy, France

Living place: Copenhagen, Denmark

Theme: art formats

ECC Participation: artist, event curator

photo: private archive

Thierry Geoffroy, who also goes by the pseudonym “Colonel,” is an artist whose main focus over the past few years have been art formats. Similarly to licensed television programs, these formats have a set structure and clearly defined rules. Thierry has been working on this concept since 1989, when he released the theoretical foundations of art formats in his “Moving Exhibition Manifesto.”

His formats are an artistic response to the modern world’s most urgent problems and questions, and refer to the achievements of conceptual art. In their spectacular form lies an enormous critical potential. Thierry emphasizes that they must have a tangible effect on the participants and observers, and should be a way to exercise the “awareness muscle.” An important part of these formats is their imperative for immediate reaction, currency, and keeping up with reality — “before it’s too late.”

“The awareness muscle is like the memory. It has to be trained daily in order to grow.”

The demand for immediate action and the element of haste is clearly present in the Colonel’s two best-known formats: “Emergency Room,” which will take place at the European Culture Congress, and “Critical Run,” in which participants debate essential issues while running.

Other notable formats by Thierry Geoffroy include: “Biennalist,” “Debate Rave,” “Penetration” (where one artist places his work in the exhibition space of another), “Slow Dance,” and “Protest Fashion.” The artist has presented his work in prestigious galleries (f.e. MoMa / PS1 in New York) and at leading art reviews, and has even been invited to rock festivals (including Roskilde) to activate some of the critical formats designed for youth audience.

He is now working on establishing permanent “Emergency Rooms” (in order to become an effective tool of critical observation of the society, the Emergency Room format should not be interrupted). He also continues working on QUADRIDIMENSIONAL JOURNALISM, and looks for a partner to build the "Academy of Emergency Art" - the original education structure designed and conceived by Colonel to stimulate the role of the artist as a critic of democracy.

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