Projekt Praga: Marcin Garbacki & Karolina Tunajek


Date and place of start: 2010, Warsaw, Poland

Place: Warsaw, Poland

Theme: architecture

ECC Participation: artist


An architect duo with a distinct sentiment for the east bank Warsaw (the somewhat peripheral and less official part of the city). It’s in the seclusion of the Warsaw Praga district that they work with a team called Projekt Praga (Project Praga). They have designed, specifically for the European Culture Congress, a standalone pavilion in which Thierry Geoffroy’s Emergency Room – one of the most important projects of the Congress – will be hosted. The pavilion’s modular design draws on the Thousand Buckets Tower, erected in the same spot during the Exhibition of the Regained Territories in 1948.

„Finding the original character of a degraded space is the starting point for the question about what contemporary elements can be added to it.”

The leitmotif of Garbacki’s and Tunajek’s work is revitalization and the dialogue between past and the present. They design buildings of various sizes and functions, interiors and intimate public spaces.

They have been, for a year now, revitalizing post-industrial areas of Mińska street in Warsaw, where they’ve completed a number of interventions that brought back to life forgotten premises such as the new seats of Leto art gallery or the Piktogram magazine. Recently, they’ve been involved in the project of roofing and revitalizing the court of the Bielsko-Biała Museum in the Sułkowskis Family Castle.

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