Massimo Furlan


Date and place of birth: 1965, Lausanne, Switzerland

Living place: Genève, Switzerland

Theme: theatre, performance

ECC Participation: artist

photo: Isabelle Meister

Furlan Massimo (1965) was born in Lausanne, as a child of Italian emigrants. After studies at the Beaux-Arts School, his artistic interest focused on relations between memory and oblivion. He has been regularly exhibiting as a visual artist since 1987; he is now collaborating with several dance and theatre groups and becomes more and more involved in performative actions.

Furlan Massimo’s first performance-installation “Numero 23 Prod.” was put on in 2003. What interests him in theatre is biography – a simple, banal story that tells about life and evokes memories. He feels no need to talk about himself as someone unique, seeing himself as a representative of the mid-sixties generation. His works are inspired by memories of images: singer’s poster from his sister’s room (“Je rêve/je tombe” and “Live me/Love me”), his childhood when he was playing alone football in his room whilst listening to a live broadcast of a match („Furlan/ Numero 23”), a moment when he was running in his room with a shawl on his shoulders imagining that he is a Superman (“Superman”), a day when he felt in love in a girl and didn’t know how to accost her (“Gran Canyon Solitude”, “Les filles et les garçons”).

In 2007, Furlan Massimo recreated on his own in the devastated 10th-Anniversary Stadium the football match between Poland and Belgium (originally played at the 1982 World Cup in Spain) – he impersonated Zbigniew Boniek, the most valuable player of that match.

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