Jan Fabre


Date and place of birth: 1958, Antwerp, Belgium

Living place: Antwerp, Belgium

Theme: theatre

ECC Participation: panel member, Honorary Committee

Jan Fabre is a theater and opera director, choreographer, set designer, playwright and multimedia creator. A key figure in the so-called “Flemish wave”, a group of Belgian artists that began working in visual arts in the 1980s. Today considered one of the most important modern theater artists in Europe.

”Being an artist is a sort of personal cruelty.”

He studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. He started his own thater company, Troubleyn, in 1986. He produced a few dozen plays. His spectacles are an explosive mixture of modern dance routines, multimedia images and expressive music that has a profound effect on the audience (Fabre himself designed a model of a theater that looks like a tuba sucking the audience in). In his productions Fabre explores themes such as life, death and sex; the human body is always an important reference point.

His most famous productions include “Je suis sang” (2003), “History of Tears” (2006) and “Another Sleepy Dusty Delta Day” (2008), the last one being a personal drama based on the agony of Fabre’s mother, dying of cancer. He visited Poland numerous times. As a librettist he worked with Eugeniusz Knapik on “La libertà chiama la libertà” (2010). His plays were part of the Kontakt theater festival in Toruń (2006) and the Malta festival in Poznań (2010). Fabre also paints, performs and creates installations.

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