Paweł Demirski


Date and place of birth: 1979, Gdansk, Poland

Living place: Walbrzych, Poland

Theme: theatre, drama

ECC Participation: artist

Dramatist. Author of dramas staged within the confines of co-operation of the Strzępka&Demirski duo. Social criticism, cultural and economic exclusion, Polish national phantasms – these are the main topics he touches upon in his works. Demirski is a radical and anarchic playwright who formulates extreme, provocative theses about the authority-citizen relationships and the mechanisms of free market economy and neo-liberal politics and policies.

„The dominating voice in culture belongs to intellectuals who invoke values that, in fact, no longer exist.”

Playwright scholarship holder at the Royal Court Theatre in London. In 2003-2006, he was the literary director of the Wybrzeże Theatre in Gdańsk. He has written a lot of dramas that were staged, inter alia, in Gdańsk („From Poland with Love”, „Wałęsa. Historia wesoła, a ogromnie przez to smutna”), Jelenia Góra („Sztuka dla dziecka”), and Kraków („Ifigenia. Nowa tragedia). He is a member of Krytyka Polityczna that has just published “Parafrazy” – a selection on his dramas. Winner, together with Monika Strzępka, of the 3rd Divine Comedy International Theatre Festival (Kraków, 2010).

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