Jean de Piépape


Living place: Paris, France

Theme: interior design

ECC Participation: artist

photo: private archive

A French interior designer and artist. He uses minimal elements of light and colour as driving forces of his works. As a participant of the Congress he will design a space for the Emergency Room exhibition.

Jean de Piépape has collaborated with with Thierry Geoffroy a.k.a. Colonel for Emergency Room since 2007, interpreting the general concept of this unique exhibition in a form of concrete architectural space. He was a co-creator of the Emergency Room events in various cities all over the world, including New York, Athens, Paris, and Hanoï.

His creations were exhibited at numerous international galleries, including: Galerie Down Town-François Laffanour (Paris), Carpenters Workshop Gallery (London/Paris), Fondation Giacometti (Paris), Galerie Dansk Mobelkunst (Copenhagen) and Kukje Gallery (Seoul). He also worked at Luxembourg Cultural Capital 2007 (where Sophie Calle and Frank Gehry realized their project).

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