Wojciech Burszta


Date and place of birth: 1957, Poznań, Poland

Living place: Milanówek, Poland

Theme: cultural anthropology

ECC Participation: Congress Council

photo: private archive

As a cultural anthropologist, Burszta analyzed the phenomenon of ethnicity and the various faces of pop culture. He loves crime fiction and his extensive research bibliography (over 200 publications) now includes “Krwawa setka” (2007), a guide on the most important crime novels, co-written with Mariusz Czubaj. He is a soccer fan – his observations of football fans became an example in the description of modern identities in his book “Sequel. Dalsze przygody kultury w globalnym świecie” (2005), co-written with Waldemar Kuligowski.

“Culture is ruled by paratext – sentences that carry an advertising payload. They work best when uttered by someone brilliant and universally respected”.

Czubaj, Rychlewski and Burszta co-authored another book, entitled „Kontrkultura. Co nam z tamtych lat?” (2005). Burszta also published „Różnorodność i tożsamość. Antropologia jako kulturowa refleksyjność” (2004) and “Świat jako więzienie kultury. Pomyślenia” (2008), where he examined the links between technology and culture and analyzed the meaning of gadgets, indispensable elements of our reality. His latest research focuses on modern forms of anarchist activity. He described street art in this context, as an opposition movement against neoliberalism and globalization.

Son of acclaimed professor of ethnography, Józef Burszta. He studied at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.  Burszta is a professor at the Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities, where he heads the Chair of Cultural Anthropology. He also works at the Institute of Slavic Studies at the Polish Academy of Sciences. He lectured at his alma mater; he was also a visiting professor at Oxford, Yale, the University of Illinois and the École Pratique des Hautes Études in Paris.

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