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Michał Bieniek

Birthdate: 1980

Living place: Wroclaw, Poland

Theme: visual art

ECC Participation: event curator

An artist and a curator who explores the issues connected with identity and identification (social, mental, intellectual) of an individual. He analyses social roles which he plays himself. He deals with the matters connected with the public space and he recognizes the need for its regeneration and, very often, restoration.

Chairman of the board of the ART TRANSPARENT Contemporary Art Foundation, founder and the chief curator (with Anna Kołodziejczyk) of the SURVIVAL Art Reviev, a curator of the international “Art with the Past” Festival, curator of the periodic art interventions in Wrocław’s public space “Among the Islands”. Bieniek is also the originator, coordinator, and curator of the Mieszkanie Gepperta contemporary art gallery in Wrocław.

“All the ideas concerning the future of the cities should contain a reference to the past still pouring out of the walls.”

The SURVIVAL Art Reviev curated by Bieniek is one of the hottest artistic events in Wrocław. The organizers aim to introduce the problems stated by the contemporary art to the public discourse and to provoke animated reactions of the viewers. The artists take the challenge of the urban jungle working their projects into abandoned places, public buildings, and open spaces. The stimulus to create comes from the urban tissue rich in meaning.

Bieniek graduated from the Arts and Sculpture Department of the Wrocław Art Academy, since 2010 he is a Research Student at the faculty of Curating Contemporary Art at Royal College of Art in London. He was twice granted the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, most recently as a laureate of the 8th edition of the 'Młoda Polska' scholarship program. Received the the wARTo award of Gazeta Wyborcza, as well as the Marshal of the Lower Silesia’s Voivodship prize. Video and installations artist, from time to time – an art critic.