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Edwin Bendyk

Birthdate: 1965

Living place: Warsaw, Poland

Theme: sociology, journalism, cultural criticism

ECC Participation: publication

A writer and journalist, interested mostly in topics revolving around the theme of social transformations. His research is focused on how developments in science and technology impact our culture and social life, our politics and the economy.

Bendyk heads the Center for Future Studies at the Collegium Civitias, he also writes a science column for the “Polityka” weekly. His pieces can also be found in various magazines, including “Res Publica Nowa,” “PrzeglÄ…d Polityczny,” “Krytyka Polityczna,” “Zeszyty Artystyczne,” “Computerworld” and “Networld.” His blog, “Antymatrix,” can be found at

”There are three things in the world which are inevitable – death, taxes and the rule of women.”

In his NIKE nominated book “The Poisoned Well. On Power and Freedom,” published in 2002, Bendyk analyzed the transformations of the modern world and social interactions and tried to find a holistic take on our changing realities. The book described the effects of various events, including the rapid rise of the Internet, the launch of the Human Genome Project, the BSE epidemic, the Zapatista movement, terrorist attacks in the Tokyo subway, the rise and fall of New Economy, the “Fides et Ratio” encyclical and the attacks on World Trade Center. Bendyk builds his theses on freedom and trust upon personal reflections on the relationships between knowledge, power and faith. In 2004, he published “Antimatrix. Man in the Maze of the Net,” a book about our complex modern reality, tangled in a variety of networks: social, biological, technological, the understanding of which is crucial for our grasp of the inner workings of societies. His 2009 book, “Love, War and Revolution” describes the deep (and psychological) transformations that our societies are currently undergoing. Bendyk shows us a world uncertain of what lies around the bend, in danger of landing in a ditch if it remains unwilling to face the new challenges of our times.