David Barrie


Birthdate: 1964

Living place: London, UK

Theme: business, urbanism

ECC Participation: panel member

photo: private archive

Entrepreneur acting in accordance to the idea of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It focuses mostly on the public interest, protection of natural environment, not on the profit alone. David Barrie&Associates develops strategies of the town-planning renewal. In 2009 the company was honored with Grand Prix Regeneration & Renewal, RIBA CABE Public Space and Civic Trust Partnership Awards.

“The society slowly becomes aware of the fact that the economic growth cannot be measured with Real Gross Domestic Product.”

David Barrie studied history and art history at the University of York. He worked as a journalist and TV producer for Channel 4, BBC, CNN and National Geographic. Author of the documentaries, e.g. the film about the French National Front and movie about suicidal death of Michael Hutchence, leader of the rock band INXS. In 2000 he was arrested in Liberia, while collecting material for a documentary about this crisis-ridden country.

Barrie has worked in the field of social entrepreneurship and urban space revitalization since 2002. He works for the local governments, non-profit organizations and developers. His actions match the overall doctrine of sustainable development, based on the adequate proportions between economic growth, care for the environment and human social needs. Barrie’s projects engage architects, businessmen, designers and visual artists. Yet, what is most important, they mobilize common people to act, e.g. in 2009 Barrie opened a co-operative supermarket in London. The profit is invested in the development of the store and the clients co-manage the entire enterprise.

His most important accomplishments include a new plan for the mining town of Castleford, activation of the Butetown (old commercial district of Cardiff) inhabitants by means of the various forms of communication available on the Web and the “Urban Farming” project in Middlesborough, based on cultivating organic food (fruits and vegetables) in various areas of the city. Barrie participates also in the international project “Creative Cities”, organized by the British Council.

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