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Institute of Reportage: I Sculpt in People - questionnaire


Renata Kiełbińska, director of "Skarpa" community centre in Lublin, protagonist of “I Sculpt in People”, an article by Olimpia Wolf, answers questions prepared by students of the Polish School of Reportage.

Name, age: Renata Kiełbińska, 57.

Place of birth: Nowa Góra, a village which already disappeared from Polish maps.

My place today: Lublin.

I am… born too early.

I make… I try to make up for lost time.

I was… lazy.

I will be… lucky if I manage to finish all projects that I started.

Culture is… happiness. I’m taking a walk and I see that everything is changing for the better: aesthetic surroundings, catalogue house designs are no longer sold for the price of Styrofoam, nobody spits in the elevator any more, housing estates are built with bigger separation from each other, empty space between is filled with green areas and functional “small architecture”.

Poland is… Poland, to be exact!

Europe is… sights, sights, sights, and people, who unfortunately speak in foreign languages.

My environment starts... there is no such thing as my environment.

My environment ends… same as above.

What I do is important because… it gives me pleasure.

A movie that has recently impacted me very profoundly was... "Tobruk" by Vaclav Marhoul. A new, surprising, heart-wrenching perspective on the famous battle.

A book that has recently impacted me profoundly was... lately I wasn’t reading anything.

My biggest influence was... the fact that I became a director of a community center and the same year my daughter went to the university in a different city.

This year I’d like to... learn the “light painting” technique.

In five years I’d like to… be alive.

Translated by Krzysztof Heymer

This questionnaire is a supplement to “I Sculpt in People”, an article written by Olimpia Wolf as part of a series of reportages on grassroots cultural/social initiatives in various Polish cities. They were created especially for ECC by students of the Polish School of Reportage established at the Institute of Reportage in Warsaw.

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