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Institute of Reportage: How to Change the World Locally - questionnaire


Piotr Choroś, co-founder of the Homo Faber association in Lublin, protagonist of “How To Change The World Locally”, an article by Olimpia Wolf, answers questions prepared by students of the Polish School of Reportage.

Name, age: Piotr Choroś, 31.

Place of birth: Iłża, Poland.

My place today: Lublin.

I am… from the countryside.

I do… Homo Faber.

I was… in Czech Republic.

I will be… in Czech Republic.

Culture is… the space around us and the way we perceive it.

Poland is… a country north of Czech Republic.

Europe is… a continent on which Czech Republic is still located.

My environment starts... in Nasutów.

My environment ends… in Lipsk.

What I do is important because… I can see the changes.

A movie that has recently impacted me very profoundly was... “Mad Men” series, because it shows that change is there for the asking.

A book that has recently impacted me profoundly was... Tony Judt's “Postwar”, as it made me realize how important the European project and identity are.

My biggest influence was... the time I lived on Wapienna Street in Lublin. I managed to disprove a number of stereotypes. It was a grim and devastated apartment, but nobody has ever stolen everything from me. The local shop was run by a black immigrant, who sold cheap wine to the ex-convicts.

This year I’d like to... see Lublin winning the European Capital of Culture 2016.

In five years I’d like to… participate in the program of European Capital of Culture - Lublin 2016.

Translated by Krzysztof Heymer

This questionnaire is a supplement to “How To Change The World Locally”, an article written by Olimpia Wolf as part of a series of reportages on grassroots cultural/social initiatives in various Polish cities. They were created especially for ECC by students of the Polish School of Reportage established at the Institute of Reportage in Warsaw.

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