A call to action by Ganzeer to artists from all over the world to support the Arab Spring!

From January 13 to 25, the streets of Egypt will see an explosion of anti-military street-art. If you are a street artist elsewhere in the world, please do what you can in your city to help us. Even if you are not a street-artist. If you’re a comicbook artist, a musician, or filmmaker, whatever artistic talent you have can be of big help. If you can do something before the designated date, please do! We need all the help we can get.


"Love, Europe, World of Zygmunt Bauman" - theatrical premiere on December 15. Admission free

The documentary “Love Europe World of Zygmunt Bauman”, by Krzysztof Rzączyński, will have its theatrical premiere on December 15 at cinema Muranów in Warsaw. The film was commissioned by the National Audiovisual Institute as a part of the Cultural Program of the Polish EU Presidency in 2011. Admission is free: starting from December 8 free tickets are available at the cinema Muranów's box-office.


Broadcasts from the Culture Congress in Poznań on the ECC website

Watch online broadcasts of selected plenary sessions of the Culture Congress in Poznań! The Congress will take place on December 1-3 at the seat of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Wieniawskiego 17/19 St. in Poznan. Broadcasts available in Polish only.


Prizes for authors of the most interesting Walls!

The editorial staff of the ECC Website have picked the 5 most interesting collages submitted throughout the duration of “The Wall – Internet Recycling” project.


Results of the latest Wall contest!

A project from our website – “Wall – Internet Recycling” was presented at the “Culture 2.0: Media Aware” conference which took place in Warsaw, October 27-29, 2011. It was on that occasion that we announced a new edition of the contest for the most interesting Wall. We are happy to announce that the prize – a DVD from the “The Polish Documentary School” series published by the National Audiovisual Institute will go to Agata Szczotka-Sarna for her work “Search: today”. Congratulations!